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I stand corrected -- ALLEN Eckert. In addition to the works cited, I've enjoyed "A Sorrow in our Heart" and "Wilderness Empire." His books are a bit repetitive as there is only so much historical material available for that time period. But I still enjoy them.

I've never been to Ohio or Kentucky or that region, but I hope to get there some day.

By the way, today's blog entry was a great read about Custer.

Comment Posted By Northwestdoug On 25.06.2009 @ 21:36

I also heartily recommend the works of Dan Eckert who writes extensively of the conflict between white and red civilizations during the Ohio River Valley period. He treats both side fairly and describes little-known events such as near extinction of the US Army by Indians in 1791.

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The ends never justify the means.

This line: "Shamelessly playing with the emotions of her readers..." applies not only to this case but to dozens of journalists and politicians as well.

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This seems to be the "line of reasoning" expressed by some:

1. Von Brunn is (reportedly) linked to anti-government Tea Party protests. (Note: I've yet to see evidence of this alleged link, but let's assume it's true.)
2. Von Brunn is a anti-government murderer.
3. Therefore, Tea Party rhetoric incites people to murder.

That makes no sense. Neither does applying the same logic to last month's foiled bombing of a synogoge in NYC. (

A. Four men are arrested plotting to bomb a synagogue and shoot down planes.
B. The men are converts to Islam and bent on a "Holy War" against America.
C. Therefore, Islamic teachings incites people to violence.

Both arguments are faulty but are used because they appeal to people's prejudice. No reasonable person would conclude either:

1) Anti-tax Tea Parties encourage people to murder
2) All (or even most) believers in Islam are violent.

Von Brunn has more in common with these four arrested men than with talking heads. They are extremists and crazies.

Every large group has its wackos. We could apply the same faulty reasoning to environmentalism and the Unibomber, the pro-life movement and Tiller's murder, marital infidelity and Democratic politicians, gays who riot after losing at the ballot box, corrupt Congressmen of either party, lying politicians of any party, and so on. Ultimately, such exercises are a meaningless distraction from the significant issues.

Comment Posted By Northwestdoug On 11.06.2009 @ 21:19

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