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I have pointed out on numerous occasions that the “blame” for 9/11 is shared by Administrations going back to the Reagan years.

I would say it goes back farther yet, to the bumbling Jimmy Carter and his incompetent handling of the Iranian hostage crisis. That incident showed the jihadists that they could punch us right in the nose and get away with it.

Comment Posted By OregonMuse On 6.09.2006 @ 19:22


You cannot be unmoved by this issue.

Sure I can. Watch this: I don't care. I don't lose sleep over the fact that there are innocent men locked up at Gitmo. At least, not at the present time. All this does is give our enemies yet another club to hit us with. Do you think they honestly give a rats' a-- about violations of "human rights"? The jihadists know we do, though, so their PR men and other apologists will take every opportunity to spin this to their advantage. As if their record on
"human rights" was exemplary. The United States could have a spotless human rights record and still the terrorist apologists would complain; and if they can't find anything to complain about, they will simply make stuff up, as the recent series of "fauxtographs" amply demonstrates.

You cannot dismiss the evidence as the rantings of leftists or of the enemies of the United States. You cannot chalk it up to MSM bias or to Democrats playing politics. The evidence of our turpitude is convincing and cannot be denied.

Considering that in earlier wars, all of those men now being held would have been summarily shot on the spot as spies with no trial or legal representation, I'd say they're lucky to be alive.

And I'm not denying any of the evidence you have presented. I only question whether this is a good time to pursue it, and I would argue that it is not. Later on, after the jihadist threat has been successfully eliminated, will there be time for boards of inquiry and public investigations and prosecutions for malfeasance and all that.

Too often the "human rights" stick has been a tool of corrupt third world thugs, who themselves laugh at the very concept, to whack the West. As far as I'm concerned, they can stuff it.

Comment Posted By OregonMuse On 3.09.2006 @ 11:34

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