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Funny Man

It depends on how you define 'rich'

Comment Posted By Otiose On 20.10.2009 @ 21:11

As a general rule it's not that the conservatives are voting against their economic self-interests ('Kansas' book). I live in California and have watched the people claiming to be 'liberals' and 'progressives', but who are in fact neither enact absurd policies that eventually must lead to ruin. Europe is not an example to follow, but something to avoid.

The large Federal government (and States too) should be reduced. Government has intruded into many aspects of our lives and yes reducing it is a big challenge. Just because it is a big challenge is no reason to throw up our hands and go with the nonsense on the Left or the political extremes of both the Left and Right, or the mushy middle ground. As a general rule the government cannot perform better than the market in allocating resources, and represents a danger to political freedom and a sure pathway to economic stagnation (i.e. lower standards of living) for everyone.

Comment Posted By Otiose On 18.10.2009 @ 17:21


Rick you can rest your mind - carbon dioxide increases turning us into another Venus. Scientists (another bunch than those boosting for Gore) say that in Earth's past for prolonged periods (as in millions of years) the carbon dioxide levels were as much as 12X the levels they are now.

"The atmosphere's composition during the Mesozoic was vastly different as well. Carbon dioxide levels were up to 12 times higher than today's levels, and oxygen formed 32 to 35% of the atmosphere, as compared to 21% today."

Basically the Earth is in a icy cold dry cycle that will pretty much continue until Antarctica moves off the South Pole - it's locking up an awful lot of water as ice which if melted would raise the oceans and the level of water vapor (much more potent factor in warming the air than CO2). The planet is usually in an ice age and once in a great while for a very brief time it warms up - as it is now - before the temperatures drop and the glaciers form again covering much of the N American and Eurasian continents. The prime mover for the oscillation is probably the Sun.

Good source - predating the formation of Gore's religion:

Very interesting. The earth was much warmer until relatively recently - until the Indian subcontinent began crashing back into Asia and started to push up the Himalayas. That mountain range altered the climate more than anything man has ever done. Until about 40 million years ago, even the northern hemisphere was tropical. Then the weathering of the Himalayas apparently altered the chemical makeup of the atmosphere.'

The cycle of ice ages began and, it is only sheer chance that the rise of human civilization occurred during a rather unusually lengthy interstitial.


btw - giganticism in dinosaurs may be the result of that large percentage of oxygen - which is why there are no comparable land animals that size today.

Comment Posted By Otiose On 18.10.2009 @ 16:39

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