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Laughable. The times did its job. The Times leaked nothing, they publushed something that was leaked to them, and this program was widely known.

Comment Posted By PC On 3.07.2006 @ 11:04


"What this decision has done is, it's hampered our ability to move forward with a tool which we had hoped would be available to the president of the United States in dealing with terrorists," Attorney General Alberto Gonzales told CNN.

..."We are currently evaluating the writings of the Supreme Court," Gonzales said, and "we are going to be working closely with Congress to look at legislation."

Here we go again. So much for the the RW Nuthouse desire to move past this. The Republicans have a better idea, play politics with it and pass a law that goes against the Geneva Conventions...GOOD CALL!

Comment Posted By PC On 2.07.2006 @ 12:05

Andy- I included BAH BAS in my numbers, as well as special pays .. Base pay would average about 18K as year...... even with your numbers, which no doubt include Officers and Retiree pay, if people do 20 and live to 90, and if we keep the Enlisted to Officer ration the same as it is today (which we do not have to, by the way). Even with your numbers....which are way over the top..... the Military is 1.4 Million AD... 1,400,000 X 112,000= 156,800,000,000. That is 156.8 Billion a year.... to put a million men on the ground in Iraq... worth it,if we are serious about winning this war... also while saving billions that we are spending on private companies who are making a profit, doing more and more of traditionally military jobs. We should have had a massive recrutiing drive for Seabees, Army Corps of Eng, MP's and Marines. We do not need a larger fleet, although I would argue that the 20% reduction in the fleet we have seen under Bush has been counter productive.... everyone yells about Iran cutting off our oil... hell, we should be shutting them down ourselves right now. They have a single market economy.... we have the largest fleet in the the math. We should have enough men on the ground to secure Iraqs oil, and be pumping it to pay for their reconstruction. (another huge savings under my plan). Bottom line... my formula saves money and lives, becuase my formula dominates the region, the current one, does not. Also, using my formula...WE WIN.

Comment Posted By PC On 2.07.2006 @ 11:43

"We simply must stand for something better, something that we can be proud of. But as long as our detainee policy continues to show us at our worst, it will be impossible for many to see us at our best."
Last comment. Obviously, I agree with you on this. Any odds on if the Republicans in the Congress will use statements from the Administration to keep this policy going, by attmepting to pass a law.. just so they can attempt to paint the dems as "weak on terror" while supporting this disasterous mess?

Comment Posted By PC On 2.07.2006 @ 08:48

“The fact is, Republicans have people in the main stream media out there advocating ridiculous poison.”
Statments made on National TV from RW Blog Lunes...



I could go on and on, including rep Peter King advocating for charges of treason on MSNBC. Memmbers of Fox news advocating for an office in the gov that monitors the press..... and clears what it can print.. Hell, Congress just wasted our time and money...AGAIN... on a "non binding" resolution condemning the NYT...which republicans voted for.

“So, we should not be projecting a larger armed force to the middle east?”

As far as more troops...there is a long list of regional experts who agree with me on that, and it is widely let me just includes men like Ret Generals Ralph Odem, NSA for Reagan...Zinnie, Batiste... I could go on and on.

And the courts...well...the Republicans have done nothing but Demonize judges as well. The very subject of this post, Gonzo has come out against the supremes saying they have hurt the war on terror with their Decision...SO SORRY THAT THE LAW IS HAMPERING YOUR EFFORTS. We should have been following the conventions from the beggining. It is what seperates us from these scumbags.

What pisses me off is you all say the Democrats have the problem because some on the far left are not taking it seriously enough. THAT IS THE FAR LEFT. The Republicans have lead us into this ill prepared, and done more damage than good. They put us into a war under false pretense, without the needed force structure to achieve the stated objectives of nation building. The Republicans came out with the insane policies on torture and detention that have made us more hated. The Republicans have burned bridges with our allies. The Republicans have spent money foolishly. The Republicans have failed to change course when needed.
Democsts are running men like Jim Webb in VA, who are serious about this issue, and not just hyping spin. We are where we are today, with both sides looking for "an honorable exit from Iraq" because the Republicans in charge did not project the force needed to nantion build,and rather than governing and attempting to solve the problem, they alientate everyone around them. Bush never stopped campaigning. The NRO has an outstanding article on this. These men are not governing. It is all hype, spin,and misdirection being used to cover the simple truth that we have not raised an army large enough to meet the threat.

Comment Posted By PC On 2.07.2006 @ 08:39

We could,and should have increased our armed forces after 9/11.

"The average active duty military person costs the government $112,000 each year just in pay and benefits"...uh... where on earth did you get that stat. Average pay for new enlistments E-1 to E-5 (normally, the firtst six years of service) is only about 25,000-30,000 dollars a year including housing and special pays.

Comment Posted By PC On 2.07.2006 @ 08:14 Why not just quote Jesus General... Maybe I can find some far right web site to back up a claim that Republicans are ... WHATEVER?? Ridiculous. The quote is arguing nuance over language....
The fact is, Republicans have people in the main stream media out there advocating ridiculous poison. You all have a POTUS that puts signing statements on laws banning the USA use of torture... yes, torture. That is, a fact. Think that helps us in this war...serves our image...our way of life. Defend it then. Splain it to me?
You say I am full of it. Everything I said, you say, only with a nicer spin. So, this Congress is not spending like drunken sailors then? So, Gitomo was not a stupid move then? So, we should not be projecting a larger armed force to the middle east? Our military is the right size... for a regional war? You have nothing but spin on your side my man,no facts, and it shows.

Comment Posted By PC On 1.07.2006 @ 09:17

No serious person on the left suggests that the war on terror is a Rovian plot. Americans died on 9/11. People of every State in this nation, from every politcal, racial, and socioeconomic background are fighting and dying in this war. (of course, less than .5% of the Nation is actively engaged, becuase the Republicans refused to drastically increase the size of our armed forces after 9/11). It is very real,and everyone knows it.
What they say, and the what is true, is that Rove has used it in such a way as to divide this country and take power at the expense of the law, and our rights. He has used it for politics, and they have made such a mess of it, that now everyone is scrambling to try and come up with a way to repair the damage. We were more together as Americans after 9/11 than anytime in our lives... and now look at us. Look at where they have taken us.
As your comments suggest, these guys have done a ton of damage to the US image and law. Repair is going to take decades. our very Constitution is continually threatened. The freedom of the press is being squashed. Right wing talk radio hosts publically calling for the murder of Newspaper editors. Fox news journalists are advocating for gov control of the media. Is this really the America that serious conservatives want to live in? I doubt it. This is what pushing the envelpoe on every wedge issue has done. Brought out the worst in our society. "The Decider" is not a uniter folks. Nor are the Republicans being conservative with money. They are spending like drunken sailors. I cannot think of a single thing these jokers have done right.

Comment Posted By PC On 1.07.2006 @ 08:53


"Article 4 specifically defines a class of persons"

who exactly are "those persons"...anyone we say? Anyone we capture on a battlfield be it with Al Q or Taliban... or anyone? The truth is, we should follow the conventions. Should have been since the start of this war. We would have gained more intel, and gotten a lot better press (propaganda) if we had maintained our high standards instead of re defining who we are, the definition of turture and the definition of how we treat basic human rights. The war on terror is as much about information as it is combat. The Administation, with all its double speak, signing statements etc. has screwed up royally. It is going to take us dcades to get back moral high ground that was so easily pissed away by their over zelous foolishness.

Comment Posted By PC On 1.07.2006 @ 08:33

Geat video of military lawyer in this case on Hardball. This is about following the law, and being true to who we are as a nation. This guy gets it right.
Clip taken from C & L.

Comment Posted By PC On 1.07.2006 @ 07:27

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