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It stinks, and I know of Democrats in Philadelphia who conspired against Republicans in the same way -- by crossing party lines to vote in a Republican primary. There should be stricter rules for all states. However, there's never before been enough cheesy cross-voters of either party to do much damage. Obama is winning, has effectively won, the nomination. And many Republicans came out to vote for him just cuz they admire him.

Comment Posted By psmarc93 On 12.03.2008 @ 16:17


The administration is incapable of salvaging this incursion into Iraq. Every initial plan, every subsequent decision, has proven to be utterly, murderously stupid -- ill-considered, arrogantly misinformed, and impervious to self-analysis. It's only strategy now is to keep throwing our soldiers into a meatgrinder until they can leave office in Jan. 2009 and blame failure on the next administration. Perhaps a full-incursion would work, perhaps a redeployment would work, but --as with nearly 3/4's of the country -- I believe this administration is too stupid to accomplish anything. Therefore, in the interests of simply saving more American lives, until we have a responsible, competant leadership, I support the idea of getting as many American soldiers out of their hands as possible. If impeachment of both Bush and Cheney can not be achieved with only 49 Dems voting in the Senate, then the best course of action may be to simply remove their control as much as possible.

Comment Posted By psmarc93 On 20.07.2007 @ 11:41


"What is needed is rationality on both sides"?
When has this administration been rational about its policy? The opportunities you see for helping Iraq from by-passing the Malaki government are pipe dreams, as are all rational solutions to this mess, because this administration will not acknowledge and learn from mistakes, nor does it consider other suggestions for progress "rational" or otherwise. I'm so tired of arguing with conservatives that we liberals are NOT against victory -- we'd even be open to a continued military action in Iraq -- if the program were run by any one other than the bumbling egomanics presently in office. The only choice the current Nimrods give us, is to take away the keys to the program and park it until we can find a driver that can think straight.
Dream up all the rational solutions you can, we may need them when someone in the White House will care to listen to you.

Comment Posted By PSMarc93 On 29.05.2007 @ 13:18

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