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Oh yeah, and I gave up on 24 1/2 way through season two. I bet people think this show is actually realistic.

Comment Posted By Peanut On 18.04.2006 @ 21:18

Oil is our most important strategic resource. You'd better damned well believe we'd go to war over it. Why do you think we have so many forces focused on the Middle East and south Asia and not sub-Saharan Africa? In the 40's we would have gone to war to keep our supply of Uranium from Africa, but once we developed our own, we dropped Africa like a cheap date. And if we had some leadership in this country (now and for the past 3 decades) with strategic vision that would end our dependence on mid east oil, we could drop that unfaithful Burka bitch too. Right now we are spending our troop’s lives and our money to ensure Japan, Europe, China and us get a stable flow of oil. Our military is protecting the World economy so it runs smoothly and efficiently, on cheap oil from the asshole of the planet. There’s a reason the Persian Gulf looks like a cross-sectioned rectum in profile. Imagine what those freeloading, good for nothing countries would have to do if we pulled out and said, “You defend your own f’ing supply of oil.” What would China do when Saudi finally collapses and the jihadists take over and the USA isn’t there to keep the tap open? China, Russia and the Europeans are using us like a stupid punk. We defend the oil. We do all the work. We take all the blame, and they get their cheap oil and laugh at us. This country needs to open it's eyes, get the oil monkey off our back and let the rest of the world worry about their own oil supply for a change.

Comment Posted By Peanut On 18.04.2006 @ 21:16

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