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The Bears look great. Glad to see Lovie Smith make something of the opportunity afforded him, i really thought the Bears had fool's gold back in '01' and '05' but they look damn good. I still think it will be difficult for an NFC team to win the SuperBowl but i'll cheer for the Bears because i'm from the midwest and Da Lions STINK!

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Talking about negative campaigns, has anyone paid attention to the TN senate race with Harold Ford and Robert Coker?

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so all the Republicans who are pro-choice, yes they exist, are really Dems in diguise huh? Those are RINO's right?

"Rush got a main point right, and that is the Stem Cell debate is about Abortion primarily.

It always comes back to the Holy Grail of democrats: abortions for everyone."


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Rush put his foot in his mouth...again. Why is it so hard to just admit that? What obscures the legit questions and or postions he may raise is the rhetorical posture he adopts. It appears he goes out of his way to be a bull in a china shop, whether it's the McNabb snafu, Michael Fox, or some of the more over the top comments he made during the Terry Schivao media circus - one wonders if he actively looks for and provokes this kind of controversy.

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Can someone define the "far" left for me? It appears to be a popular phrase amongst the right and so called moderate dems. anecdotaly when i ask repubs i know they mention issues like abortion, affirmative action, immigration, etc. But i know that republicans like Colin Powell, J.C. Watts, and the GOP candidate for the Michigan Gov. seat ( Dick DeVos )support affirmative action - i can name GOP officials that support a womans right to choose, and so on. so what exactly is the "far" left?

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I realize politics is a contact sport and all that. But is it necessary to villify those who don't vote or endorse your policy ideals? Must the electorate be this polarized?

Perhaps I'm naive to ask these questions, but i see no difference between your comments and those at the left blogs i've read - just change the party affiliation and the themes are the same; " we are always right and they are wrong " - no nuance at all, very absolute in fact and it appears that it insulates voters from approaching the issues and stakeholders objectively.

They can't get a fair hearing because they don't have the elephant lapel pin or the donkey bumper sticker -This can't be the type of political discourse that encourages cogent policy for americans.

Certainly libs feel that there is a double standard as well - so who is correct? Is there any space for balance? Your comments on the so called double standards relating to morality and polticians is curious. I know of no politico who willingy cedes power, absent external pressure or internal nudges from the party. I'd assume this operates at the Natl. level like it does at the State.

Your suggestion that GOP politicians willingly resign when they are found to be corrupt, out of some intristic sense of political nobleness i guess, doesn't reflect the power dynamic of politics. Politicians of BOTH parties have to be dragged screaming and kicking to admit their guilt.

The ONLY reason Tom Delay fell on the sword was because he had no choice! The ONLY reason Marrion Berry owned up to smoking crack is because they had him on
tape smoking it!!

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So now it's a bipartisan issue? LMAO!

Only in America can the controlling party, in all branches, intimate with a straight face that the minority party is culpable in not attempting to expell a member of the dominate party for his perversions.

This begs two questions for me:

(1) Are we to believe that the GOP controlled house would have supported such an investigation without resistance or cries of the minority party playnig politics?

(2) Do you really think that a 50 something year old man ( of the opposite party ) nuturing sexual fantasies about teen boys would draw a defense from the left? under the cover of "gay rights" - Just stop - We have the Log Cabin Republicans for that.

This is a leap, and i apologize for saying as much but i think this is a horrible attempt at explaining the inaction of the GOP party leadership on this issue.

It is really over the top to suggest that the GOP leadership used that as part of the political calculus on why they did not agressively investigate Foley.

even more distressing is if they did use that as a part of the calculus, let him continue to have the chance to abuse his postion so he can flirt with teen boys rather than give the dems some ammo?

Comment Posted By Phonics 4 dummies On 2.10.2006 @ 15:00

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