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I'm continually amazed at the shock that people have over the "submissive wife" quote. One would think that Bible-believing Christians would agree with this, since all it's doing is quoting scripture. Of course, people have taken it out of context, making it seem like the 1950's without understanding what the verse means.

It's nothing new. It's just something non-christians don't hear every day.

Comment Posted By Pierre On 13.12.2007 @ 13:47


The fact that there have been three attempted attacks in the last 24 hours doesn’t matter. One might wonder how many attacks or attempted attacks it would take before some of our lefty friends would deem it appropriate and give us permission to glance at the news and find out what the hell is going on without accusing us of being children cowering against the darkness.

I wonder how many attacks it will take before President Bush stops visiting Imams and then telling us how peaceful Islam is...1300 years of history says he is full of crap.

The “miracle” is not that 19 Jihadis, with a $500,000 budget, and box-cutters murdered 3000 people, and toppled the WTC; the actual “miracle” is that it DIDN’T HAPPEN BEFORE, and even more puzzling, HASN’T HAPPENED SINCE!

I don’t for the life of me, know why Al Qaeda/Hezbollah, have NOT started a Homicide Bomber/Carbomb campaign in this country

Why attack? They are achieving their goals without attacking. Europe is collapsing into Sharia, we are bending over farther and farther backwards to accomadate them. Perhaps they have come to the correct conclusion that another attack will merely enrage us and perhaps cause us to actually get serious about winning the wars of the ME. We can you a moments notice with the will of our Grandfathers nearly all the wars in the ME could be over in days. It will take a lot of killing but we have the means...we just don't have the will.

If the jihadists strike us hard and kill thousands this time Bush won't be able to moderate our rage.

Comment Posted By Pierre On 2.07.2007 @ 22:53

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