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No, the name is quite intentional, an ironic embracing of the derogatory terms conservatives have often used to try to intimidate liberals away from their beliefs.

As for the war not being a strategic mistake, does it not bother you that as each justification for war has been disproven, the war supporters have shifted to a brand new one, as if that was the one all along, without missing a beat? If someone wanted to borrow a hundred bucks from you, and changed his reasons for needing the money not once, not twice, but at least three times, you'd be suspicious of him, even if you were the most naive person on earth. You'd have to be a fool to believe his latest rationale without question, right?

That's what I don't get about conservatives, and this war. No matter what your party affiliations, or foreign policy opinions, or how deep your political loyalty, I simply can't believe that you've had the meaning behind your war changed so many times, and never will you say, "Hey, wait a minute...Maybe this guy's not being straight with us!"

And, I'm sorry, as a justification for war, "helping the Iraqi people" doesn't cut it. It doesn't. If that had been the reason from day one, America would have said thanks but no thanks and you know that. Besides, it can't be true, because we did nothing about Rwanda, nothing about Darfur, it doesn't make logical sense to say that we felt compelled to intervene for humanitarian reasons, while at the same time ignoring one of the worst genocides of the decade, which we could have been very effective at stopping.

And before you say, "to create stability in the Middle East," remember that Iraq was one of the most stable nations in the region, technologically advanced, and free from the religious extremism you claim to fear so much. I know, I know, "You're a Saddam lover! You must love Saddam!" I'm talking about the mature pursuit of global stability and American security interests. In that respect, we were way better off with Saddam in power than we are now.

So, in light of these things, maybe, just maybe, you'll forget party loyalty and open your mind to the possibility that your leaders are not being straight with you. That rulers of powerful nations just might conceal their true agenda from the people. I know, it sounds totally nutty to you, like something from a James Bond film or a conspiracy theory website, but to us liberals, "nutty" is to catch someone in multiple lies, and then believe their latest claims without suspicion or criticism.

Comment Posted By Pinky On 9.01.2007 @ 15:15

I have to say, as a liberal finally taking the time to look at some conservative blogs, I was impressed to find one that actually questions the competency of the commander-in-chief. Now if only I could find a conservative with some foresight! One that wouldn't actually need to see the wreckage to spot a bad idea. And how about some humility? How about, "Liberals, we mocked you, attacked you, called you traitors, but in the end, you were right about everything. Iraq wasn't a threat. It wasn't a cakewalk. It's not easy to invade and occupy a country. There were no WMDs, there was no link to Al Qaeda, the invasion did foster terrorism, and George W. Bush is no great leader. This war has been an unequivocal disaster, wasting thousands of American lives and billions of American dollars with only destruction to show for it. Oh, if only...if only we had listened to you at the beginning!" Because we were saying these things, oh yes we were, from the get-go. And then, of course, once admitting thusly, the only option for the honest conservative would be to completely support the removal from power of the architects of this war, giving control over foreign policy to someone who was actually right. About anything. If a conservative could concede all that, I might just be able to respect him or her. After all, I'm not sure what more evidence a person could possibly require in order to realize that their political loyalties have been tragically misplaced.

Comment Posted By Pinky On 9.01.2007 @ 06:07

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