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(You won't win elections by erasing comments boy)

There is nothing Sarah Palin can do to repair her "image".

Her image isn't the problem. Its the fact that she has no understanding of geography, history, or the US Constitution.

I really feel bad for us that this nitwit with knockers is the candidate of choice.

People, she is not smart. We need a smart president. The last president ( W) is also not smart. He is an inarticulate rube who has not done a good job on ANYTHING.

We will not become a national party again unless we stop embracing the Dan Quayles and Sarah Palins of candidates; two fine people...Both dumb as rocks.

Remember, we were once the party of intellectuals: William Safire, George T Will, Barry Goldwater. Today, we're the party for bigots and uneducated plumbers.

It's a new world. A smarter world. and we lost not just because W was a terrible president, we lost because when someone slips up- like doesn't know that Africa is a continent or the three nations involved in NAFTA, we have to reject them before the public does. This party should never again embrace a mental midget. Believe me, when we do it just hurts us terribly.

Even though I want a Republican in power, I don't want a dumbass in power. Sarah Palin, Dan Quayle:



Comment Posted By Pythagorus On 7.11.2008 @ 01:41

This is what i am talking about

"But, on a more general note, I think conservatives need to find a leader that can go toe-to-toe with these left wing professor college types like Obama. We need someone that can really dissect these pie in the sky progressive theories on the left and why they are doomed to fail. We need a real “belly button gazer”, the type of person who when doing an interview on TV will make ordinary people space out and change the channel back to American Idol. We need someone who will do that because it will leave them with the impression that they must be too dumb to understand how intelligent and super conservative thought is. I think the left has so infested our colleges that now there is a prevailing attitude that if you are a Republican you must be uneducated or ignorant. We really need to get around that because the electorate is changing. More jobs require college degrees than ever before. If we don’t pay attention to this, then before we know it our society will definitely continue moving left. Well, I’ll get off my soap box for now "

Shelby, the problem is not that colleges are infested with liberals. It's that liberals tend to go to college more often than conservatives. Liberals protect and value articulate educated leaders. Conservatives generally support populist leaders. We need a populist who knows were Afghanistan is on a blank map.

The fact is, and I hate to say it because I tend to be conservative, is that Liberals embrace knowledge and Conservatives embrace principle.

Well, when facts trump principle it's important to be able to see outside the bun, so to speak.

Liberals saw outside the bun.

Conservatives saw the same old same old.

The people of this country rejected the latter and welcome an educated Ivy League man who made his own success from a poor childhood to the cheif executive.

If society is moving left, the answer isn't eradicating leftists in college. The antidote is to create conservative intellectuals. And who do we have speaking for us? Ann Coulter, Michelle Malagang and Sarah Palin. Not exactly compelling arguments come from these polemicists. Great insults and soundbytes but few really substantive arguments. If conservatism is a better way, we should be able to make that case with words, not force it. For eight years we have rejected
intellectualism and forced our way through with legislative rules, tricks, smears and innuendo, and executive power grabs.

We got spanked two nights ago. Am I the only one who woke up with a red ass? No.

We all did. We got spanked because we have become the hiding place for bigots and xenophobes and polemicists. Look at the difference between Obama and Mccain. Obamam is educated articulate, measured. He can make his case. McCain is an iracible, say anything old man. That's why we lost.

We did not make our case.

Final point- Shleby- you want us to go toe to toe with these "professor types"? Then we need people who are smart as professors, not snow machine driving Caribou hunting rednecks.

Comment Posted By Pythagorus On 7.11.2008 @ 01:31



This country was founded by men who authored The Constitution. This country is based upon the principles held therein.

Please stop dragging Christianity into American politics. It just pisses off Christ, believe me.

I wish you guys would stop trying to revise history. It's about the Constitution, not the Bible.

Comment Posted By Pythagorus On 4.11.2008 @ 21:48

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