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Whoops! I meant that McCain does not understand the first amendment.

Beck is aiming at Obama and even if he is not a conservative his goals and some of his premises agree with ours. So we take our allies when we can.

Comment Posted By RAH On 23.09.2009 @ 08:18

Beck is Beck. He is not a conservative. He is more libertarian. His statement that McCain would have been worse is true in some sense and vastly wrong in another sense.

Coulter herself said she would have voted for Hilary rather than MbCain and I certainly could understand that. McCain was the Republican that loved to cozy to Democarats and knife the conservatives in the back.

However McCain would not have renege on the missile defense radar in Czech. He would have allowed the upgrade and testing of our nuclear weapons.

He would not have socialized and nationalized the auto companies. He would not have tried to ram national Health care down out throats.

However McCain would have destroyed the conservative movement because McCain is not a principlaed conservative. McCain Feingold shouls he did have the understanding of the first amendment and would saacrifice it for hia own reason that money in politics corrupts. That is true but government tryanny is worse tham corruption

Comment Posted By RAH On 23.09.2009 @ 08:16

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