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Great recap! Can't really agree to the ALL the violations of Constitutional Rights, though.

1) Chloe hacked Henderson's PC AFTER he committed the felony of attempted 1st degree murder of a federal agent, and an agent that was investigating possible terrorist activities. I think that pretty much gives them enough probably cause to search anything of Henderson's (including his body cavities) without a warrent.
2) Henderson was not officially arrested. He was simply taken into custody. OK, I know that is a stretch, but peace officers are not obligated to read a person their rights unless they officially arrest that person.
3) Agree.
4) Again, probable cause give Jack, and all of CTU, to search and sieze anything of Henderson's.
5) Same as 1 and 4.
6) Agree. My 16 year old son has only started watching 24 in the last two weeks. Took a while to get him hooked, but he is now. He about wet his pants when Jack shot Miriam.

With respect to the boyfriend of the hobbit's sister, I think Matt has got it right: he didn't contact the terrorists, they contacted him. "Hey, crackhead. Mug your girlfriend's brother, steal his keycard so we can use it to kill off the only people in the world who can stop us from killing all the people in LA, and we will give you $20,000." "Uh, OK."

Comment Posted By RS Ring On 8.03.2006 @ 18:39

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