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> "After all, several hundred years ago,
> fat women were considered better-looking
> than skinny women. Nowadays, skinny
> women are considered better-looking
> than fat women."

At the risk of being way, way off topic:

I think we men have been genetically
programmed to prefer slender (healthy)
women over fat (unhealthy) women.
People who have ever said they
prefer fat ladies, do so because
they can't get the slender ladies,
or were participating in a college prank.
If you are a guy, could you imagine
any of your ancesters ever prefering a
250 pound rhino over a 120 pound cutie?

What causes fat people? Perhaps:
Sedentary lifestyles, poor eating
habits, depression (because they are
fat and lonely), and [some say] a
good economy. [I say it is over-
consumption of soft drinks heavly
laden with sugar and mildly addictive

Getting a bit back on topic: I think
that appearance preferences are
genetically programmed. Plastic
surgery and cosmetics serve
to deceive potential mates, or
satisfy your own narcissism. I
don't know who Michael Jackson
was trying to decieve, perhaps
little boys?

Black and dark skin evolved to
protect the people who lived in the
tropics from skin cancer. Light
skin evolved in the temperate
zones to help the body produce
vitamin D. Of course, the selection
pressure are reduced in today's
world of medicine, vitamins,
and clothing. But, that is why
we are different colors.

Michael Jackson said he had
some kind of skin disease that
made him "white". I'm sure he
had a disease, and it did make
him white, but I don't think it
was as he explained it.
Disclaimer: I just said what?

Comment Posted By RSJ On 28.06.2009 @ 12:10

Michael Jackson just died? I thought he died many years ago!

Seriously, no one seemed to mention the irony that his efforts to prolong and enhance his life actually doomed it. Indeed, no amount of plastic surgery, enhanced oxygen therapy, sex with little boys, or body-building drugs will extend your life. Indeed, when God or Satan calls you, you gotta go. (Perhaps I will put off my laser eye-surgery, hair transplant, and liposuction for yet another year.)

Another thing is, how may of us can be so lucky as to have a personally-hired, medical doctor on-hand when we keel over with a drug-or-narscissism-induced heart failure?

I don't know what it is with white women and blacks like Jackson and Obama. Is it the money, or their voice, or their big noses? What ever it is, they all get hysterical at the slightest thought or mention of them. And I thought Americans were racist. I guess I learn something new every day.
Disclaimer - I just said what?

Comment Posted By RSJ On 27.06.2009 @ 21:27

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