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I don't want to quibble about something that is tangential to a good post but it seems you take the airing of viewpoints opposed to evolution as an attack on the university itself, because you say these theories are "unscientific". My problem with this is the university was invented by believing Christians -- not pagans -- and pretty much all of the so-called good schools in America were founded by Christians as well in order to learn about "the true, the good and the beautiful". Seems you are saying because an Evangelical says something, we should assume that person's perspective is unscientific. But let's say the Evangelical (I'm a Catholic) is teaching Aristotelian physics (one version of ID), which is totally contrary to the Darwinian theory of nature. In light of the origins of the university and what sort of people came up with the idea (not pagans) - the notion that thinking whether there is an uncaused first cause somwehow corrupts the truth or is antithetical to "science" and the mission of the university is very ironic.

Comment Posted By Rez On 12.07.2006 @ 13:34

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