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And one last thing, then I'm just going to sit back and see if anyone has the courage of his or her convictions (See: George Ryan Sr., among many others):

Never in all my life did I ever expect to see the writing of a person to whom the term "peacemonger" was intended as an insult. What is WRONG with you people?

Comment Posted By Rich Miles On 19.04.2006 @ 09:07

No responses to my #18 post - I guess you've lost interest in the topic of Bush's sanity and World War III. Either that, or you see the signs that the rest of us are seeing, that this madman in the White House is indeed going to try to plunge us into another war, probably with nukes.

Let me make a few predictions, not that there seems any evidence that anyone is reading this thread:

1) Bush is indeed going to attack Iran, some time before the November elections, and most likely in September or October. How he will do so is unclear, but I'd be willing to bet that he wants - WANTS!!! - to be the first US president since Harry Truman to use nuclear weapons against another country.

2) He is going to do one of two things to justify it: either the broadly-worded original AUMF against Iraq, or NOTHING - he will simply assert that as C in C, he has the legal right to do it just on his say-so.

3) When January 2009 rolls around, or perhaps even November 2008, he will either suspend the presidential election or if the election goes ahead, refuse to relinquish power and try to stay in office.

Outlandish predictions, eh? Outrageous? Impossible in America? Well, I am so certain that some of these things, and perhaps all of them, are going to come to pass, that I hereby give my email address for anyone who reads this to write to me directly and tell me what a complete left-wing loony I am. But you have to wait till after the time frame has passed, to see whether I'm right or not. Just saying my predictions are nuts is not good enough until you see if it happens as I predict. Here's the address: radicalleftie at aol dot com.

The gauntlet is thrown. If I'm wrong, there is no one in the world who will be happier to be so. If I'm right - well, it's pretty obvious what it means if I'm right, isn't it?

Comment Posted By Rich Miles On 19.04.2006 @ 09:04

Rick - I've read your commentary and the comments on your commentary, and since there is no reason seen in any of that to believe that any amount of logic presented in opposition to your argument will sway you or any of your fellow rightists, I'll just ask you to ask yourself a question (it actually becomes several questions before it's over). You don't have to answer it here, but I hope you'll answer it for yourself, in the privacy of your own thoughts.

What if Bush does what he says he'll do with all this sabre-rattling? What if he does bomb or otherwise invade or attack Iran, thereby setting in motion the consequences that you term "self-defeating", and that we on the "reality-based" side of the aisle believe will likely lead to something not unlike a world war?

Would that finally be enough for you? Would you at long last have to admit that, yeah, Bush really is as much a madman as we on the left think he is?

Or would you, as so many of your fellows do, find a way to justify even this piece of insanity somehow?

We (and I use the collective advisedly) reached that point - where we could no longer think Bush was merely opposed to us, but genuinely deranged - a long time ago. So I'm just curious - how mad does he have to be before people who think like you finally can't deny it any longer?

And in reply to one of your commenters, nukes over Ft. Worth? Does it occur to you what would have to happen before that would even be possible? It would require a total breakdown of every single defense system this country has. And while Bush is trying to get there (total breakdown of our nation in so very many ways), he hasn't yet. I sincerely hope he's stopped before he does.

Comment Posted By Rich Miles On 11.04.2006 @ 16:15

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