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Linking to Michelle Malkin and Hot Air... She's nothing more than a propagandist and you ruin your credibility when you do so. If you don't recognize those elements and her lack of ethics it's a shame. There is no reason to come to other blogs if you all follow her.

Comment Posted By roanoke On 25.05.2006 @ 10:49


Sorry Red-you don't know Goldwater.

Goldwater evolved overtime and as a man of Jewish origin there is no way he would stomache this crapola.

More importantly there is no way in hell that he would think splitting the base over the imagined invasion would be worth doing when our men and women are fighting and dying overseas. You know- a real war.

No way in hell. When he made that comment he was talking about the fight against Communism and he would equate the War On Terror with that not with your silly proported co-ordinated invasion of Mexicans. Ya first thing they say when they cross the border is- "one small step for me one giant step for Reconquista ".

Barry was a damn pilot he would recognize an over-reation and if you know Goldwater then you would know he didn't at the end hold much love for Buckley where much of the whining has originated from-Buckley's National Review. How are their numbers doing-btw?

Barry loved the Air Force Academy and the military there is no way in hell he would abandon us like Buckley and his ilke, and effectively say-I really didn't believe in the war that much anyway with so much affected-ennui-Conservative fatigue or whatever they want to call it in their introspective narcissistic fashion while diagnosing their all important malaise.

Ennui fits best however because it's soooo French and fits with the inability to believe in anything other than yourself for more than an election cycle. Nervous Nellies.

After Goldwater's defeat he worked hard to unify the party and he would not be siding with hyperventilating Republicans succumbing to the greatest power of terrorism the distraction of worrying about every possibility-that's how terrorism works. Unfortunately the asymetrical nature of it makes it impossible to gurantee that all and every scenario can be protected against. you have to unfortunately play the cold hard reality game of numbers. Can we protect the border from being entered by large vehicles the evidence for the past five years has been yes. Will we be able to prevent every single terrorist from entering? Never.

Timothy McVeigh was home grown.

Comment Posted By Roanoke On 22.05.2006 @ 18:29

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