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"China tried socialism"? How utterly moronic. What China tried was an insane Asian personality cult and tyranny.

Adding three points to the highest tax bracket is "socialism"? You are an idiot whose thought processes are limited to wingnut talking points.

Comment Posted By Robin On 26.10.2008 @ 11:55


I have to say that the plot point that had Jack clinging to the bottom of a moving garbage truck and using his cell phone at the same time provided a moment of needed levity amidst all of the cleverly constructed tension.

I'm also looking forward to next week's delivery on the promise of Jack's growled "Mr. President, you don't own me!" in the preview!

Thanks for all the great recaps, Rick. I'm a regular (and, , liberal) reader.

Comment Posted By Robin On 11.04.2007 @ 12:37


I'll add my thanks to others for your excellent commentaries this season. I'd like to add one additional thing to your idea that "there were two points [where] the character of Jack Bauer changed forever" and that those two points were the murders of David Palmer's assassin and Henderson. (Since both of those murders would qualify as such under the Geneva convention, I think that's the yardstick we'd have to use.)

For me there was another important difference in Jack's character this season, and that was his hesitancy dealing with Henderson. I had never before noticed Jack thinking twice before doing something. Part of his appeal is quick, correct decision making on the fly. If only we could all be so ... right! But with Henderson, Jack was never quite sure whether to trust him, or not to trust him. To me this helps to explain, if not apologize for, his decision to shoot Henderson at the end. By attempting to kill Jack, Henderson played his hand: they were absolutely not on the same side. In the end (and I do think Henderson is dead) 24's U.S. is probably the better for Henderson's absence.

I wonder whether we will see a slightly broken Jack next season. Maybe a little more indecision, and perhaps a bit of yearning to let another hero take up the mantle and save our democracy from a slow creep towards shadowy totalitarian control?

Comment Posted By Robin On 31.05.2006 @ 21:11

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