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Panetta is surely a better choice than the brainiac, Joe the Plumber, who would likely have been the McCain selection.

Comment Posted By Roger On 7.01.2009 @ 21:27


I guess it's politics and it's a nasty game.

One comment from me - a foreigner: John McCane, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are all thoughtful intelligent people with a deep commitment to the United States and it's people.

I have no doubt they would all make good Presidents, and am 100% certain they will be better than the present incumbent who sadly, wasn't up to the job and should never have got the nomination in the first place.

Comment Posted By roGER On 14.03.2008 @ 09:34


Well everyone has an opinion. We have to judge the soundness of that opinion based upon logic and facts, but also by the experience of the person giving the opinion. A person who has been around the world and has done a lot of research is going to have more credibility over those who do not. It's up to each individual to decide who to listen to.

Personally, I was not looking for what the pundits said. I drew my own conclusions, but I consider myself a pretty informed individual. It can be interesting though for people to debate each other and then that can produce the weaknesses and strengths of each side of the debate. Blogs, a political forum, message boards are all good places to discuss the issues and become more informed on them.


Comment Posted By roger On 31.08.2007 @ 00:55


The "CW" has always been BS. The best-kept secret of the war is that we did find WMD in Iraq. Like Pres. Clinton claiming that oral sex isn't sex, the CIA simply re-defined the WMD we found out of existance.

At some weapons depots, we found stocks of empty chemical artillery shells and rocket warheads. A few yards away, we found drums labeled as pesticide which contained the two chemicals Iraq used in their binary formulation of VX. If the "pesticide" had been poured into the chemical shells, it would have been "weaponized", and CIA would have called it a WMD. Since the nerve gas was found in a barrel next to the empty gas shells, we can't prove that anyone ever considered using it as a weapon. We have to give Saddam the benefit of presumption of innocence. After all, doesn't everyone keep their can of Raid in a camoflaged underground bunker?

Comment Posted By Roger On 26.01.2006 @ 10:58


Don't talk about Don's guy. I guess if they say he's the first black president then whatever. Whatever turns you on. He's the first trailer trash president.
Don President Bush is doing great things while Clinton uniforms? I remember some of the old Clinton people wishing that 9/11 happened on Clinton's watch. Something to shore up his legacy. The fact is that terrorism did occur over and over on his watch and on US soil and he instead played cigar humidor with an intern.

Comment Posted By Roger On 19.09.2005 @ 19:44

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