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How is it you can agree and disagree with the same point just because it was said by someone you don't think much of?

You, riffing on Andrew Sullivan:

how much will this affect the voting next Tuesday?
Not too damn much, I’m afraid.

You, riffing on John Cole:

I disagree with John Cole and his buddy Kos that this is all a tempest in a teapot and not really an issue in the campaign

If you take all the babbling out of this post, it says:

"John Kerry is stupid because he won't apologize for something I know he didn't say. I refuse to criticize the people I support who are twisting his words. And I hate John Cole for not going down with the sinking Republican ship like me, and he and Kos make me sick because they know the Republicans are as desperate as hell by making hay out of this bullshit."

Frankly Rick, you haven't got the intellectual standing or the 'gravitas' to insult John Cole. You're not even a tenth as thoughtful or as interesting as John is. John my be growing up in public right now, but that takes guts. Knowing full well your party is wrong on this stupid kerfuffle and still criticizing John Kerry, not so much guts.

Just drop the objectivity guise and be the mean spirited jackass you really are. Your contrarian act is a farce.

Comment Posted By RonB On 1.11.2006 @ 21:17


I get the feeling that the Zarqawi story is a bit over the heads of the general pop. I'm enlisted and I haven't heard a peep from my battalion about it. I'm support, but still, it tells me that people are just trying to ignore some things going on in Iraq. It's either Iraq is something they don't want to talk about, or Zarqawi's death is something that they don't grasp the significance of.

Rick, I'm a defector from the conservative movement but I must tell you that your site is by and large improperly named and now in the category of irony as I find you one of the more level headed conservative bloggers out there.

Comment Posted By RonB On 12.06.2006 @ 03:52


Rick, hi. Haven't you noticed that your side is equally as eager to hop all over a scandal(Carroll, McCarthy, Kennedy)? Why is the right any different in this regard? It just seems like both sides of the aisle are throwing the slop, so why are you making like they're not by laughing at the latest reaction to a new Republican scandal when it's pretty manifest that the right is doing the same thing?

I think you are better than not noticing that kneejerk partisanship has not changed, and it is the same BS regardless of whether you or some leftie does it.

Comment Posted By RonB On 7.05.2006 @ 00:13

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