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i am not surprised. I am an American living in London and I along with others have tried to contact his people thru the website to find out how to contribute. (site only allows US addresses) we made multiple requests with not so much as a response. guess that's one of many reasons why he didn't raise the 5m he targeted.

Comment Posted By RonP On 26.07.2007 @ 06:44


tough words - taken out of context. look we have all watched folks like cindy sheehan parade in front of the camera's. smiling like an imbecile while in the company of some of the mose noxious people on the planet. somewhere in the thinking part of your brain don't you suspect that she is using/and allowing herself to be used by msm and interest groups in order to attain "meaning" in her life as well as a larger bank account or at least expense account. what coulter was saying, and i agree one might be offended by how she says it, is that the left (in collusion with the media) uses victimhood to silence debate. harken back to Mauree "aging schoolgirl" Dowd's declaration that no one could question the moral authority of someone like a Cindy Sheehan. Yes we can. Just like we can point out that the "jersey girls" have no standing when it comes to analysis on counter-terrorism strategies. Being related to someone who died does not give you expertise of authority to speak on the matter. My Grandfather died in world war 2 - that doesn't give my father any standing to comment on military strategy.

Comment Posted By RonP On 8.06.2006 @ 03:20

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