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Hey you obscurantist (yes you Moran), here's an American Thought for you, who constructed the towers, the Pillsbury Doughboy? Because the way they came down it looked exactly as if they were made out of flour. BTW, have you seen the clip of Pataki's somewhat astonished commentary to the effect that all of lower Manhattan was covered by a thick layer of fine particulate? No building collapse, absent some external agency, results in the generation of so much microscopic dust from gravity alone. This is but one anomaly among dozens or hundreds that the mythmakers and defenders of the Big Lie cannot adequately explain. Sure, you can fob me off with a link to some purported debunking
website, but ask yourself the implicit question posed above; what accounts for the tremendous amount of additional energy needed to turn two of the world's largest structures into little more than a cloud of microscopic fallout? American Thinker my ass. You wouldn't know an original thought if it walloped you right on the kisser. I voted for Reagan twice and Bushie the first term, so stick your ad hom "lefty" labels up your brain stem. I don't hate my country, just neocons and neolibs like you and Hillary who are flushing our future down the crapper with both hands.

Comment Posted By Sad B. Wiser On 13.05.2006 @ 20:38

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