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How is it that so many seemingly bright folks here continue to blame the Dem's for this bail-out and it's socialist ramifications?
It was our GOP President that signed this misdeed and shoved it in it's 3 page format w/ no anti-golden parachutes, no help for RESPONSIBLE homeowners etc...
The Dem's, bless their little hearts hated it as much as we did and added lots of safeguards to make certain it didn't make the fat-cats any fatter and had some fundamental intelligence for homeowners. The President huffed and puffed for this thing to go through and even got into the now mythical yelling match w/ the House 'publicans to no avail.
Let's keep our facts straight; simply blaming Dems is not what we're after here. It's a Conservative Democracy modeled after a smaller, less invasive gov't. If any of you like "Rick" say "I'm a total Bushie" again I may wretch. No President in modern history grew the gov't both socially and fiscally and indebtedness like your first term friend and mine- crazy George!

Comment Posted By Scott Anodam On 9.10.2008 @ 00:19


And of course to refute the McCain's just old and confused by the thick accent- here's this from his own staff:"No, the questioner asked several times about Senator McCain's willingness to meet Zapatero, and ID'd him in the question so there is no doubt Senator McCain knew exactly to whom the question referred," said McCain foreign policy adviser Randy Schuenemann in an email. "Senator McCain refused to commit to a White House meeting with President Zapatero in this interview.:

McCain's campaign also noted that since Zapatero pulled Spanish troops out of Iraq, he has still sought a coveted White House meeting. Representatives of his government have met with the campaigns to discuss the issue.

It seems quite possible in all this that McCain had stopped paying attention to the interview, but still got the policy line right on Spain by sticking to platitudes.

But it's hard to imagine McCain saying this of a NATO member and European democracy, even one whose government is currently not seen as friendly: "I am willing to meet with any leader who is dedicated to the same principles and philosophy that we are for human rights, democracy and freedom and I will stand up to those who are not."

Comment Posted By Scott Anodam On 23.09.2008 @ 14:19

The problem w/ McCain is this consistent theme of being emotional, reactive, bombastic and personal in all of his retorts. Even the decision he's made in which he had time to think are couched in some angry child mode; such as his rhetoric about firing the head of the SEC? It's a lot of silly, macho, crap talk- and honestly Senator McCain hasn't really had a productive comment since this financial/credit markets debacle started.
He's like someone's really old embarrassing uncle- and I wouldn't let him be President either!

Comment Posted By Scott Anodam On 23.09.2008 @ 14:12


By the way- to "Josh" who sites site run by a fairly famous American by the name of Haass. Yes, that's right, two a's and two s's! Anyway, here's the scoop on why Mr. Haass's "non-partisan' site seems downright partisan sometimes:From 1989 to 1993, Haass was Special Assistant to United States President George H. W. Bush!
Yes, he is a very serious Republican; now what JOSH!?

Comment Posted By Scott Anodam On 1.10.2008 @ 20:32

"Barack Obama loves the country and has disappointments as well..." WOW! Hard-hitting stuff:~) I haven't been so angry, frustrated and the past couple years downright depressed w/ America ever before.
It's a disgrace that 'we the people' let our gov't get away with the abject hateful governance that we do.
Where's the vigor of the 60's protestors- hell, at least w/ Vietnam most of us were so naive we simply didn't know any better.
Barack Obama will be a great leader, and Joe Biden will be a valuable voice and counsel. That said, anyone that votes for another republican hack after these past eight years is heinous in my opinion!

Comment Posted By Scott Anodam On 1.10.2008 @ 19:47

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