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Depleted Uranium is an apt name (and I mean this in a good way) to apply to our situation. Uranium is dangerous, radioactive stuff but if we deplete it a bit we lose lots of radioactivity but keep some solid penetrating power. So, too, with losing Miers. We will not irradiate ourselves as we attack, instead we now launch a hardened Alito round. This will draw out the Dems to state in public that they believe parental notification for abortion (and other positions held by the majority of Americans) are disqualifiers for SCOTUS. If they choose to go "Nuclear" (daring us to use the Constitutional Option to change Senate Filibuster rules for advise & consent) they themselves will be irradiated. As has been observed by others, Dems are successful as long as they use catch phrases like "Women's Rights" and "Right to Choose" instead of specifics like "we oppose parental notification" and "we like partial birth abortion as an option." I, too, want a real judge and not someone who legislates from the bench. I have no idea how Roberts or Alito would vote if Roe came up today. But if they are strict constructionists there is no way they could back the penumbra on which Roe is based. Legislatures and executives pass laws, judges should interpret them accurately and in good faith. Let us hope that even the most extreme of judges can see that the trend to legislate from the bench has undermined the "rule of law" itself, and in order to restore respect for law that the judges themselves must respect the law, as written.

Comment Posted By ScottAln On 31.10.2005 @ 23:59

Mr. Moran, Depleted Uranium, and others: did you really think Miers was a good nominee? As Bugs Bunny would say, "Honest and for true?" Particularly after the revelation of her 1993 speech in the Washington Post?
I could care less if Bush is weakened at this point. His authority is waning, anyway -- he will be a lame duck soon and completely gone in 3 years. Conversely, we'd be stuck with Miers for decades. Bush can hardly do worse than mominate this blank slate of a stealth candidate who looks more and more liberal with each revelation of her past decisions and speeches.
Moreover, it is quite bold of you to categorize Miers opponents as Eastern elitists. From my born-and-bred chair here in the Midwest, I believe you go to war with a warrior. Ms. Miers is not a proven warrior, period.
Prediction: Bush will nominate a strict constructionist and we will successfully fight the ideological battle during confirmation.
Former Democrats can sit back and learn. Right?

Comment Posted By ScottAln On 28.10.2005 @ 19:46

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