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Rick--Thanks for a thought- and fact-driven appraisal of the current situation. Such appraisals are rare these days, and few are the people who actually "get" what goes on here.

By the way, if it weren't for settlements full of "extremists" like the one I live in, those poor people getting pounded by Hamas rockets, missiles, and mortars in the South right now would have fewer quiet places to go to seek refuge. Here they have housing, food, busing (bullet-proof, of course), free or reduced rates at the local attractions, and their children are welcomed in our local schools to give them as much a feeling of a normal life as possible until they can return to their homes in the South. The same happened during the war in Lebanon in summer 2006, with northern Israelis seeking solace in the settlements in the West Bank. So much for the idea that Israelis are only safe living within the Green Line.

Comment Posted By Shimshonit On 7.01.2009 @ 06:06


You describe accurately the difficulty of such a mission for Israel both in terms of the logistical complexity (Iran's facilities are scattered over many locations, some difficult to find and target) and in terms of the diplomatic difficulty.

However, Israel feels very much up against a wall. At some point, to worry too much about the diplomatic fallout and fail to act is to put our very existence into the hands of our enemies. I trust Israeli intelligence much more than U.S. intelligence, and Israeli intelligence dictates that there is not much time left for deliberation. The longer Israelis wait to act, the more difficult the mission would be.

You write as though a Livni government is a fait accompli. That is by no means the case. After the pig's breakfast Kadima has made of the Second Lebanon War, the Gaza pullout, and the graft and corruption rife in this government, it is much more likely that we will see Netanyahu in the PM's office in February.

Comment Posted By Shimshonit On 5.12.2008 @ 02:14

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