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What exactly are your conservative or right wing values and beliefs? Please put the in one succint list on your site..let your readers know..after reading some of your commentary on your home page..I am not really certain what they are.
--one of those people in the small government, pro-life, traditional marriage, etc. box

Comment Posted By Simon Templar On 2.06.2009 @ 19:35


Joe said, "So,Obama is incompetent, huh Rick?The same man that ran a presidential campaign that will be discussed in history books for it’s brilliance. But magically that all disappeared when he entered the White House. Sure it did. And if conservatives tell themselves that enough times, doesn’t that make it true? Are are you only trying to convince yourself?Because thats the sense I get. Yes, the poor waif Obama just got lucky to get elected, thats what it was Rick, he’s not really that smart.Right."
---- When did it become common and agreed fact that running a supposed great campaign was evidence, clear and substantial that a person is fit for leadership and governance? Yeah, Nixon, Carter, Clinton, etc. all ran great campaigns and were great talkers but great governors and leaders? You will get both sides of the aisles taking exception with that! Are conservatives saying that the obamasiah is stupid? NO, we know he is a very clever...he fooled a great number of is time to give O's brilliance a rest and start opening your eyes to what he is doing..this is where, I am sure, we part..because you do not have a problem in the slightest with his New AmeriCCCa.

Comment Posted By Simon Templar On 5.06.2009 @ 09:28


News for many of you from an old lefty that opened his eyes on September 11. Conservative are not crying wolf..get out there and see the with people from other countries and listen very carefully, because time is running out.
There are real threats. If you continue playing these little head games, stamping you feet about the big bad BUSH, and carrying on with these phony arguments, you will guarantee loosing everything. No one ever asked you to take hook, line, and sinker on what the "establishment" has presented. Let's grow up here, stop the whining, stop the divisiveness, and use some street smarts. Yes, there are evil people, truth is not relative, people can not always be trusted, all conflicts can not always be solved with diplomacy or deals. You know this in your own lives whether your left or right leaning...consider that you may not have all the story....look past all the bullshit people on the left and as well as the right at times spew out for personal gain. Try to get as much information as possible about these subjects before you become your local expert..believe me I have heard a lot of propaganda in my fifty years..the trick is to try to be fair minded and listen carefullly to both sides...if I you don't really know fully about a subject, research it before you open your mouth; be careful what you hear in the news media and from ex administration types. We are living in times that require some sober thinking, a deeper understanding of our past history,and a gretaer amount of humility.

Comment Posted By Simon Templar On 4.06.2008 @ 21:50

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