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"massive numbers of uninsured". What do you suppose the reasons for that might be? When I was in college, and 25 years old, I had to choose between medical coverage (which I never used) and beer. I chose beer, as would most 25 year olds.

The only way to get 'full coverage for all' would be to give it away*, but even if you did that many people would ask, "medical coverage is nice, but can I cash it in and use it to pay my rent?"

I contend that 'full coverage for all' means covering those for whom medical coverage is a priority as well as those for whom it is not. Rationally, if medical coverage is not a priority for an individual, then why are we attempting to force it on them?

*when I say 'give it away', I mean steal from the working class and give to the poor.

Comment Posted By Some_Yahoo On 20.06.2005 @ 16:47

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