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Wow, First I think everyone of has forgotten that impeachment is a process to determine the guilt or innocence of the accused. Bush et al would be tried and maybe found innocent maybe found guilty. No President has yet been put out of office thru impeachment, thought Nixon probably would have been. Several of your comments about liberals indicate a lucid thought is the furthest thing from your mind, and in fact your lack there of. You may disagree w/ liberal thoughts, that doesn't mean they are ill thought and not lucid. Finally, unfortuntately there are grounds for impeachment. Article VI says treaties are the highest law of the land. Bush disobyed against this treaty when he invaded, period. You may feel he did the right thing, it was still illegal and therefore grounds for impeachment (the process, not necessarily being actually kicked out of office). I could go on there are many more of his actions that need to be investigate. However, my point is made.

Comment Posted By Stephen F. Johnston On 19.03.2006 @ 04:55

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