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Very insightfull article. I believe the President will do the right thing and expose his own failures transparently in time. But I believe that this dance of death will be short lived with the democrats because the news story that is currently gaining steam that shows the local government (Democratic)turned the Red Cross relief effort away from the Superdome. This coupled with the fact that Mayor Nagin had endorsed Governor Blanco's rival in the last election and believe that in-party politics also played a disgusting turn as this gave Kathleen Blanco personal pleasure to have Mayor Nagin at his political knees when she kept overriding Mayor Nagins "command decisions" in the press. She was able to assert her long suppressed need for retaliation and her ultimate power over him. This sadly, was to the detriment of the poor constituants of New Orleans.

Comment Posted By Steve Rose On 9.09.2005 @ 10:16


You are absolutely right. I would take it a step further to comment that in addition to the "victimology" mentality as a result of social dependence, and that the majority of New Orleans are black and are in this group, they are in essence non taxpaying people. The city (primarily) and state governments were not able to respond to Katrina because of the lack of funds. This is evident by the Mayors statement he made directing the population to the superdome. Whereas, he advised them to bring with them, food and water enough for days. The lack of security and the lack of basic necessities were indicative of funding. I also think that when New Orleans drafted that famous "disaster plan" they had to know the associated costs of the infrastructure needed to be able to impliment it. I do not think that the city government funded these infrastructure necesities because 2/3 of their tax base is dependent on the city government social programs to survive. If these individuals actually paid taxes and were productive vs. dependents there would have been enough money to move on these projects.

I also believe that the in-state fights that have been in the press between the mayor of New Orleans and the Govenor of Lousiana is a direct result of the fact that Mayor Nagin endorsed the opposition candidate for Governor that almost beat her. When Mayor Nagin made the public demands to bring the troops in (a decision that lies with the Governor)this gave the opportunity for the Govenor to damage Mayor Nagin politically if he failed to handled the disaster. If this is true then the help (Red Cross turned away)that was witheld caused deaths and would essentially make the Govenor guity of Manslaughter.

Comment Posted By Steve Rose On 9.09.2005 @ 11:01

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