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Oh Lord:

What I got was a composed, collected candidate who may have been deficient in the depth of her answers but nevertheless demonstrated a basic knowledge and familiarity with the issues.

All taught in the last few weeks. Her answers were scripted, and frankly, shallow. She showed no real mastery of anything of a global nature, just the hurried teachings of her handlers. And her insistence on mentioning Ahmedinejad was silly. As Biden pointed out, Ahmedinejad has NO power, he's a patently loony figurehead. The real power in Iran is the Ayahtollah.

Are you really serious, that she could assume the Commander-In-Chief™ mantle if something tragic happened to McCain, if he was elected? I'm sorry, the USA needs better leaders than that.

Comment Posted By SteveAudio On 3.10.2008 @ 02:31



You also might have liveblogged the Philadelphia Convention of 1787, where on Wed., June 18th, Madison said:

There is one security in this case to which gentlemen may not have adverted: if the President be connected, in any suspicious manner, with any person, and there be grounds to believe he will shelter him, the House of Representatives can impeach him; they can remove him if found guilty; they can suspend him when suspected, and the power will devolve on the Vice-President. Should he be suspected, also, he may likewise be suspended fill he be impeached and removed, and the legislature may make a temporary appointment. This is a great security.

Comment Posted By SteveAudio On 6.07.2007 @ 02:01


Thousands of people in the streets calling for not only the defeat of the United States military on the field of battle but also calling for the overthrow of the US government.

No, Rick, I was marching and protesting to end the war and bring the troops home. And yes, many of us were calling for Nixon to be impeached, which you may not have heard, almost happened.

This "straw man" type of statement, which you seem to use often, is really pretty cheap.

Comment Posted By SteveAudio On 24.06.2007 @ 23:48


Indeed, there have been many supporters of earmarks in both parties who have basically told taxpayers with questions about specific spending requests to take a hike.

While this may historically true, it certainly isn't during the first 6 years of the GWBush administration, when no Dem was allowed to author any amendment to anything.

That's not governing, that's hubris.

Comment Posted By SteveAudio On 5.06.2007 @ 00:35


but what they’ve desired all along; a humiliating retreat in the face of the enemy.

That's such crap, Rick, please. Anyone on my side would have been thrilled if a viable democracy were to blossom in Iraq.

The difference is that we felt the chances were very slim, not good enough to warrant the invasion.

No one on the left is happy except for one thing: GWBushCo will be gone from office, along with his gang of geniuses.

Comment Posted By SteveAudio On 20.05.2007 @ 01:27


Here's one fault in the whole NSA program of enhanced wiretapping, etc. as a way to protect the US: prior to 9/11, the normal law enforcement tools were all working very well. We had a great deal of data on Atta and the other hijackers, yet those at the top of the programs, Tenet, et. al., didn't act. Neither did the White House: Rice ignored the PDB about BinLaden.

Even in corporate America, incompetent managers blame underlings for their own actions. Asking for extra-legal tools can be a useful excercise, but in this case, the tools were already sufficient; just not utilized.

Additionaly, the only legal scholars I've read who find the NSA and POTUS on firm legal grounds are those, like Yoo, who believe in the 'Unitary Executive', a theory I'm pretty sure Jefferson and even Madison might find troubling. Certainly the staunchest conservative in my memory, Goldwater, would call it bullshit.

Comment Posted By SteveAudio On 17.05.2007 @ 12:31


I get it. This is Right-wing humor. Sad, really.

Comment Posted By SteveAudio On 14.05.2007 @ 21:55


The fact that House Democrats have apparently become beholden to their most extreme supporters does not bode well for the party heading into 2008.

Come on, this is silly.

Gallup poll:
"Do you favor or oppose the U.S. war in Iraq?"

Favor Oppose Unsure
% % %

5/4-6/07 34 65 1

4/10-12/07 32 66 2

3/9-11/07 32 63 4

1/11/07 31 67 2

12/15-17/06 31 67 2

That's not any fringe, that the majority, not plurality, but majority, of the country.

Comment Posted By SteveAudio On 9.05.2007 @ 23:06



I've written critically about you at my meager blog several times, and have left a feew critical comments here before.

You have always been incredibly frustrating because, while you are clearly a bright, articulate and thoughtful guy, when pressed about issues or criticized, you seem to go instantly into Right-Winger defense mode.

Having said that, I give you conditional loud applause for this piece. It truly discusses the problem, and gives some reasoned responses that are well thought-out.

However, there are a few things I want to point out, so please bear with me, as I really would like a civilised conversation.

as the Bush Administration, the Pentagon, and our generals on the ground in Iraq have made mistake after mistake, blunder after blunder and brought us to where we are now

Rick, many of us on the left have been saying this for 3 years or more. While I'm glad you finally admit it, you really ought to have conceded this sooner. I say this not to quibble or assign blame, but to point out that had more folks on your side conceded this sooner, we might have begun a pan-partisan discussion or process that much sooner, and thus spared many Americans and Iraqis from death.

If we had 3 or 4 years and the political will to maintain troop levels where they are now, then we would have a real chance to make the difference.

Rick, there have been more than 3 years since "Mission Accomplished" on the carrier deck, and virtually no meaningful progress has been made. There is no reason to believe that 3 or 4 more years, with the same troop commitment as we now have, will result in anything better than the status quo we now have.

Will this stiff-necked President who has refused to admit many mistakes in the past be capable of demonstrating such largeness of character?

He has risen to the occasion in the past. He must do so again.

Respectfully again, Rick, exactly when has he, other than with Harriet Miers?

History seems to say that your boy is going to ride this to the end, and polls, Democrats, Republicans, and anyone else be damned. This man has no sense of reality, and not even the noblesse oblige that his Dad has. He is never going to change course.

And the current bill, proposed by the Democratic congress, was, until November last was completely shut out of any dialog about Iraq, clearly does not mandate immediate or even total withdrawal. It clearly states that troops should stay to accomplish certain goals, including aiding the transition to full Iraqi governing power.

The way the bill is being spun by virtually all on your side ot the "aisle" and by Pres. Bush is dishonest. And he has decided to veto it, even though it gives him every $ he was asking for, as well as greatly increased funding for VA after care, PTSD treatment, and other benefits for the returning troops. This is not the response of a rational man.

Last, this all could have been avoided if we had simply not invaded Iraq. Many of us on the left believed this before the invasion, and nothing has changed to indicate we were wrong.



Comment Posted By SteveAudio On 29.04.2007 @ 03:20


No matter what, it's the Liberal's fault.

You're sad.

You try to be empathic, sensitive, but have to stick a shiv in where none is needed.

That's not sympathy, that's an agenda to inflict harm, using someone else's pain.

Comment Posted By SteveAudio On 19.02.2007 @ 04:40

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