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"You have a real inferiority complex going there, don’t you."

Yes, it's always wise to respond to criticism with personal-based attacks. Oh well, as you wrote "the overwhelming majority" also believe you are wrong. Lots of complexes there for professional long distance diagnosis! Certainly easier than actually addressing the questions. For example, the need to manufacture strawmen to knock over. (A "strawman" is what's called a "logical" or "informal fallacy".)

I think you've made a good choice in not writing more on this until you've had time to cool down and to look at things less emotionally. It's obvious you haven't thought through some things - an example of the contradictions you've offered is how you'll have your version of "just, moral order" (derived from who-knows-where) all the while complaining about any other concepts of "just,moral order".

"And if you don’t know that a “just moral order” is a basic tenet of conservatism"

Just to make sure we're reading the same page of the "Conservative Bible" - which chapter and verse are you citing? I'm especialy interested in the definitions and how they were derived. Since anybody can pull their personal version of morality & justice outta their backside (witness Charles Manson), it's one of those things I'm not inclined to give a pass on.

"you illustrate perfectly the reason Huckabee should be consigned to the outer darkness – along with those who agree with him."

Final Solutions rarely tend to work out well.

And so much for "local communities" deciding good and bad - "local communities who will decide for themselves the definition of “moral order” - since, in another contradiction, you don't respect Iowans who did just that.

Again I'm not sure why you think it's wise to declare jihad and demand the ejection of GOPers who disagree with you. And, as I said, I'm not sure - once you think about it - that you'd really want do so, since it reinforces the "Elite" vs. the "Avg God-fearin' Working Schmucks" paradigm. Also, with those types being responsible for twice sending GW Bush to the Oval Office, you'd be lobbing off the nose just to spite the face.

Better luck when you next you revisit this topic.

Comment Posted By Strummer Boy On 5.01.2008 @ 13:01

"4busboy33 Said:
10:09 am
Rick, are you apologizing for making a mistake in expressing yourself"

Well, no - becuause the blogger then goes on to attempt to justify the first emotional outburst. It's a classic non-apology apology.

The knocking down of “take back the country for Jesus” strawmen by the brave, altruistic few so they can finally establish a "just, moral order" is embarrasing, it could just as easily be torn from the page of one of the more deranged Kos diarists.

Lets see - what might resonate more with the unwashed hoi polloi? The "just" and "moral" betters vs. the stoopid Jesus lowlifes - or - the work-a-day joe & jane average folks vs. country club GOP elitists.

If you're hellbent on a GOP class war or religious cleansing, then you want to be on the winning side of the memes at least.

Comment Posted By Strummer Boy On 5.01.2008 @ 11:27

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