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Being from the State of Oklahoma, I never criticize other state's corrupt politicians. We certainly have had our share. At one time the majority of our county commissioners were in prison. To say nothing of our state senators and other high office holders. So, I have nothing to say about Illinois.
As to Charlie Dorkman above - I would be very proud to have Barack Obama from my state. I hope he does an outstanding job as President of the US (and I believe he will) and guys like you not only have to eat your words but you choke on them. So tired of the spitefulness.

Comment Posted By Sunny On 16.12.2008 @ 11:48


"but if Bush was smart" - and therein lies the problem. If Bush was smart, he would have listened to his generals before getting us into this mess. He would have spent more time learning about the culture of that part of the world. He would had sat down with his father (and listened to him) and had some serious discussions about Iraq. He would have gotten rid of Rumsfeld much sooner - there are so many things he could have done - if only he was smarter. Now he is the "decision maker" - thats frightening.

"And it would be nice to think that the White House and Congress could actually “work together” on anything with regards to the war except that too, is a game – this time played by both sides as each seeks to saddle the other with the “blame” for the delay in funding."

I agree - it is time for both sides to be adults and work together. There are people dying and being maimed every day in Iraq and Afghanstan. It is time to stop playing these silly, childish games. It would have been nice if the Republican leadership would have been grown-ups while they were in charge for six years - to include the minority party to participate in the decision making. That didn't happen. And that does not excuse the Democratic leadership for taking the same approach to the now minority Republicans in working together. It is also time to stop calling each other names. We are so divided as a nation - we so badly need a competent leader that will unit us once again. I don't care if it is Republican or Democratic or Indedendent - please - just a mature, intelligent, adult person as president who can work with others. Not some frat boy who has never grown up!

Comment Posted By Sunny On 3.05.2007 @ 15:34


"To use the excuse that the Republicans will “blame” the Democrats for the lost war is unbelievable. If you really believe the war is lost our boys are dying for nothing and you’re concerned with your own political hides? For shame, I say! Besides, that excuse works only if you believe the American people are stupid and will have forgotten the last four years of mistake after mistake made by the Administration in Iraq. This is not likely which means your fear of voter retribution only makes you look more spineless."

Of course the Republicans would blame the Democrats for the loss of this war if funds were cut off. What is unbelievable is that you have the gall to make such a statement. That is exactly what the Republicans want to happen - so they do not have to take the blame for this awful mess this administration has got our country into. And you can be sure if it were reversed, and the Democrats had been in power when this war started, the Republicans would have taken every opportunity to blame the Democrats for all of the mistakes made. Why are the Republicans always looking for a fall guy to take the blame for their actions? If you think this war is going so well, stand up and say so. But STOP trying to find a reason to blame the Democrats. Try acting like adults for a change.

"There is nothing inherently unpatriotic in believing that we’ve lost in Iraq. But by refusing to act on this belief, the Democrats have revealed themselves to be traitors to their own conscience"

You are right, there is nothing inherently unpatriotic in believing that the war has been lost by the inept leadership of the Republican Party, but the Republicans (including the President) have certainly made it appear so. Remember "you are either with us or you are against us"?? Exactly what was that pathetic message that was sent to the American public time and time again? You would love for the Democratic Party to cut off funding and then scream "they hate the military and are leaving them in harms way." What a crock! Like stated above, we really need some real adults running this country.

Comment Posted By Sunny On 23.04.2007 @ 13:47


John Blake,
It is interesting that you would bring up Roberts Rules of Order and critize Speaker Pelosi as you did in your little number. After watching how the Republicans ran House for the past five years and treated the "minority party" with such respect, I am not sure you are a grown up that can even be somewhat objective. Between Speaker Hastard and even more so, Tom DeLay, the Democratic members of this body were treated worse than the proverbial step child. And you criticism of the "pork-ignorance and narcissistic foolishess, etc", I have to ask: Where have you been for the past almost six years? In a coma? Or is it you only see injustice when you perceive to be on the receiving end of it? If you really want to see "radically delusional" I suggest you look into the mirror - as you are radically dishonest as well. It is people like you that continue to keep this country divided - and you like that.
By the way, you might also want to check out the pictures of Mrs. Laura Bush, Secretary Rice, Karen Hughes and other White House Republican women who have donned the scarf while visiting countries in the Middle East - as well as the Vatican. You are such a phony! And you will note that I did not take myself to your low level and call these women names (childish behavior).

Comment Posted By Sunny On 5.04.2007 @ 15:12

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