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Johnny Tremaine,

A tool has a purpose.

Comment Posted By Svenghouli On 28.12.2006 @ 02:58


Diplomacy only works when there is a detente between the two disputing factions. clearly, Iran doesn't have anything to lose in this process, but can we really afford to go to war with Iran now? Hard line stances will only work if the other party knows there is fear of reprisal. Iran knows we are tied down because of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Unfortunately, the Palestinians are the only one we can really deal with right now. If we neutralize that situation, a great deal of pressure will be relieved from the overinflated balloon known as the Middle East. Palestinians for the most part are willing to deal with the fact there is a nation called Israel. However, as time passes by with a large portion of the people in refugee camps, the support for Islamofacism will increase.

Comment Posted By Svenghouli On 11.10.2006 @ 09:25


B. Poster

What Israel is doing is completely different than the US-Iraq situation. We are trying to build a nation. Israel is trying to build a buffer between Hizbollah and themselves. It is clear why Olmert was wearing kids gloves when dealing with Hizbollah. Even the small team incursions are seriously frowned upon by the world. An all out invasion from the beginning would have made Israel look like jerks in the world's progressive elites.

Comment Posted By Svenghouli On 10.08.2006 @ 14:33


Hey Guys,

Apparently the Republican party is trying to raise minimum wage to $7.25. They decided attaching the raise with a permanent cut to estate taxes. Minimum wage increase will phased over three years. This opposed the plan that was proposed by the Democrats a month ago. They wanted to phase the increase in two years. This might mean that drive thru windows at fast food joints will operated from all the way from India.

But seriously, the minimum wage buying power is the weakest in 50 years. There should be an increase in minimum wages, but isn't an increase of over two dollars a bit extreme?

Comment Posted By Svenghouli On 28.07.2006 @ 22:09


Don't worry I understand economics. My father did some graduate work at University of Chicago through Illinois Institute of Technology. I just found the irony in the fact this is occurring in the birthplace of the Chicago School of Economics.

Anyway, we all know the one of the greatest costs that a company incurs due to distribution. If the wage increase drastically hurts Wal-Mart's profit margin for the region, there won't be anymore expansion. Other big chains will see this as a failure and avoid Chicago like the plague.

Comment Posted By Svenghouli On 28.07.2006 @ 20:38


I actually I understand the reasoning behind alderman's decision. I also understand the irony that this is occurring in "Chicago".

If the market forces were allowed to take place in the airline industry, there would probably be only 4 to 6 airlines in the United States.


One problem is that the cost of living is much higher in Chicago than say in Alabama or even Fairfield, Illinois. While the reasoning behind forcing "big box" is understandable considering that $10.00 an hour doesn't pay the bills quite as well as in St. Louis, it is also true that businesses will go to places where labor is cheaper. I mean look at the various auto companies setting up plants in the South.

Comment Posted By Svenghouli On 28.07.2006 @ 15:22


Bwaaaaargh Bwaaaaaaargh!!!!!!

Comment Posted By Svenghouli On 27.07.2006 @ 13:48


Paddy O'Shea,

I think the majority of America does not hate Bush. The polls are based on whether of not he is doing a good job not if he is a mediocre job or if he destroying the country. It is whether or not he is doing a good job.


Wasn't there an instance with Michelle Malkin posting addresses of people. Or was it the other way around. Her address and information was posted on a blog. I think it happened with the last year.

Comment Posted By Svenghouli On 27.07.2006 @ 13:46


Its funny how things work. As much as I heard the right bitch about Clinton, I never heard any suggestions of someone taking him out. Sure, there were fake three dollar bills with Clinton's face on it, but never were an outlandish death threat. As much as I hate Rush Limbaugh, he never said he would off Clinton if he had the chance.

What I find ironic is that Betty Williams was a former terrorist. She was a member of the IRA for about a year. She claims she quit after witnessing a British soldier get shot. She supposedly kneeled down and prayed beside him. Flashforward thirty three years later, she wants to kill the president of the United States. Well as a peace prize, winner she is in good company with the IAEA Yasser Arafat and Jimmy Carter.

Comment Posted By Svenghouli On 24.07.2006 @ 21:42



I am afraid you have mixed up terms. I think you mean Anti-Zionist and not Anti-Semetic. There are many Jews that do not support Israel. Clearly the left can not be Anti-Semeitic because they support the "other" Semetic people of the region. Though they can be wrong. As for the creation of Israel, no one truly won. Britain was in a no win situation when they started governing Palestine after WW I. They were facing terrorist attacks by both the Zionists and the Palestinians. From the Balfour Declaration to the McDonald papers, the British wavered on who should be ones in charge of the nation.

Clearly we are seeing will amount to a mess that will last at least a hundred years. Now, is it insane to state that all the Israelis should pick up all there things and simply walk into the sea, but it is also foolhardly to completely blame the Palestinian people for their problems. A large portion of them are merely pawns in the wicked game. The same can be said of the Israelis. The leaders on both sides have to accept the fault.

Here is where I completely agree with you. Israel is doing the right thing in how they are currently dealing with Hezbollah. They are not using a full invasion. They are sending small groups into Lebanon to fight Hezbollah in Southern Lebanon. The only problem is that they are also bombing Beirut and other areas where there is a Hezbollah stronghold. Invariably, there will be civilian casualties. This could an increase in support for Hezbollah. They already have a foothold in Lebanon. To truly get rid of Hezbollah, Israel will have to actually invade Lebanon. This could be a problem because we just might find how far along Iran is in their nuclear weapons program.

Whatever happens, we have found something to unites the people of Iraq.,1,2987360.story?coll=la-headlines-world&ctrack=1&cset=true

Comment Posted By Svenghouli On 24.07.2006 @ 16:29

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