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By the way, I find the uproar over this entirely ridiculous. Instapundit and others like him are wilingly misrepresenting ID in an attempt to make anyone who takes it seriously look like a slack-jawed yokel. It's pathetic sterotyping at its worst.

ID merely posits that biological change is not "random," but directed, and looks to symbiotic relationships among plants/animals as evidence of that. Evolution posts a randomness that doesn't begin to explain quick-changing symbiotic relationships in the animal and plant world. And let's not get started on macro v. micro "evolution".

Comment Posted By Sydney Carton On 2.08.2005 @ 17:37

I thought ID and evolution were in conflict, not regarding the origin of life, but by the very process in which life develops. Evolution posits a random "survival of the fittest" aspect, whereupon it is entirely random that the being known as "man" developed. ID posits that such change was not random, but directed, and as evidence points to symbiotic relationships among animals.

I don't see why both can't be taught. They both admit change in physical processes but disagree on the reason for the change.

Comment Posted By Sydney Carton On 2.08.2005 @ 17:29


Bill Quick deleted one of my comments also. He's quickly decending into Democrat Underground territory.

Comment Posted By Sydney Carton On 29.03.2005 @ 12:47

"They’ve been looking for an excuse to start a fight with the religious right all along."

Not to be ironic, but: AMEN. You nailed it. The libetarians are smarting for a fight. What do they want? Unadulterated promiscuity, acceptance and proclaim of the wonders of homosexuality (as opposed to mere tolerance), and licentiousness. Bill Quick's proposals, while making certain worthwhile complaints about Republican excessiveness in the size of government, are rooted in an animus against religious people that betrays his cause. An ideology run on that kind of hate will only bring more misery. Jarvis and his ilk betray their supposed commitment to tolerance and personal autonomy when they snap at people praying in public, protesting abortion clinics in public, or for expressing their own personal disapproval of homosexuality.

Whether Jarvis, Quick, and others are manipulated by the media is irrelevant: their feelings are sincere. The truth of the matter is irrelevant to them. No amount of facts showing how religious people, and Christians specifically, are denigrated in public will make a difference. They will continue to believe that the Christians are pulling the strings. I for one, welcome this fight. Every time a libetarian tries to make a case about GOVERNMENT intervention in morals, they necessarily begin attacking morals themselves. A party of depravity will not sell with America. So if they want to cast themselves into the political wilderness, or necessarily link up with their allies in the extremist left, then let them. It will lead to the same political bankruptcy that inhabits the feminists, the radical left, and the peacenicks, who have to lie to the public in order to get elected.

And apart from politics, if a bigot like Jarvis is going to treat Christians in such a sneering manner in private, it's best that such attitudes be exposed. Let him shrivel in the light of public criticism for his intolerance. The man surely deserves it.

Comment Posted By Sydney Carton On 29.03.2005 @ 12:09

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