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Outrage is such a waste of time. Both sides know what Ann does. Both sides know that Ann expects outrage from both the Left and Right and both sides indulge her with outrage time after time after time.

And I feel very strange (honestly) that I feel a cold detachment here rather than outrage and don't think the solution is to shut her up. Though I have no solution to offer myself.

Perhaps I just believe it's a lot of hot air over nothing very significant in the long run.

Left: Look how evil the right is (Yawn. Do they ever say anything else?)

Right: She doesn't speak for me! (Yawn. The Left isn't listening anyway.)

This will last a couple of news cycles and part some lefties from their Coulter Cash.

Then hopefully things will quiet down until the next time.

Comment Posted By Syl On 4.03.2007 @ 02:41


"...DEFEATING the Taliban and al-qaeda (not just running them out of town)..."


I think al-qaeda and the taliban had something to say about that---like running off to Pakistan whenever the going got rough. Ever look at the area with Google Maps?

As Rick said, some people just don't GET that people other than Americans make decisions too.

Hey achmed what do you think? I think we go now and come back to fight again in another week. Maybe. Or next month.

Comment Posted By Syl On 21.02.2007 @ 03:30



Yes, some of the jihadis learned new tricks in Iraq. SO DID WE.

Get a grip.

Comment Posted By Syl On 11.10.2006 @ 14:26

Well, Toby, I think what has happened with this absurd 'study' is that the Left has finally jumped the shark.

Nobody will believe them anymore about much of anything.

Comment Posted By Syl On 11.10.2006 @ 14:18


There's nothing wrong decrying the fact that people die in wars. That's a true fact. But the war ended in about six weeks. The rest is an insurgency part of which involves al Qaeda fascists with their car bombs and their backing and egging on the insurgency itself.

In case you hadn't noticed, Islamo-fascists are and have been attacking and killing people around the world for years and years. They've been doing it since long before Iraq.

If we hadn't gone into Iraq, they'd all be doing this in, guess where, Afghanistan! Then you'd be saying we shouldn't have removed the Taliban.

If we didn't fight back, we could only sit and wait for attacks. There's not enough money and personnel in the world to protect all of America!

Yes, be sad for all the people who have died, but unless you offer yourself in their place, you have no choice.

Comment Posted By Syl On 11.10.2006 @ 14:08


BTW, good article, Rick!

Comment Posted By Syl On 22.04.2006 @ 18:09

steviebaby should at least get his facts straight before spouting.

Neither Gorge Bush, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, nor Scooter Libby ever leaked classified information.

The person who DID, Novak's source, has not been publicly identified and the prosecutor has said he will not be charged because he broke no laws.

Portions of the NIE (a CONSENSUS summary) were declassified by Bush and disseminated sparingly, and publicly released a few days later.

That's hardly leaking.

Comment Posted By Syl On 22.04.2006 @ 18:07


The hypocrite lefties egging on the fundamentalist libertarian types want to have their cake and eat it too. Their fingers are crossed that the programs will continue, but they figure they can stab Bush anyway.

The backstabbing New York Times is dying a slow death. Faster please.

Comment Posted By Syl On 24.12.2005 @ 21:39


"progress in Iraq has slowed"

Since when?

Which points up something you completely left out of this article...the power of the media. It's the media that filters the news, gives its own narrative, and shapes public opinion.

Then they have the nerve to cite opinion polls as news. Yeah, it's opinions the media itself created.

As for the grousing by conservatives over Miers, I'm disgusted with it. All of it. Elitism and snobbery, as bad as on the Left. I may have voted for Bush but my estimation of conservatives just went down the tubes. I'm truly disappointed in my new found friends.

Comment Posted By Syl On 5.10.2005 @ 19:43


"Whether incompetence or sheer bureaucratic inertia had something to do with that"

How about the Fog of War.

(And why the hell should anyone immersed in disaster relief be watching TV?)

There were communication problems, both bureaucratic and physical. A hurricane had just come through that had knocked out power and cell towers. The LAPD comms system went out as well when a gasline broke.

Even the word that the city was flooding was slow to percolate (excuse the term) to everyone who needed to know. And according to your timeline, the flooding didn't stabilize until Wednesday.

What was thought to be a hurricane disaster relief response morphed into a Search and Rescue and Evacuation response. There's no doubt that that caused some confusion and changed priorities.

I'm not seeing a failure here. I'm seeing a response to changing conditions. A flooding city with thousands of people moving to the dome and convention center.

Comment Posted By Syl On 12.09.2005 @ 08:41

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