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Foley - not a big issue for me, just on what he did, as creepy as it was.

But if the GOP leadership allowed him to stay in the position he was in? Damn right, that's an issue. And before RWers injury themselves sulking, if you could stop making yourselves into victims, you might remember all the demonizing your side has done for the last 15 years or so. And I so thought you really were upset about Clinton's morals.

In short, that belaboring of a lie that liberals and Democrats are Godless, without morals and terrorist lovers has been obnoxious. And I'm not talking about bloggers. I'm talking millions-of- dollars-making pundits and Republicans, at the very top of the party.

If it bites you all on the arse, count me on one of the first to celebrate.

As is usual when TBogg links here, the knuckledraggers with IQ’s smaller than their penis length swarm my site and spit vulgarity in the comments section with a regularity that makes me think they are either under 10 years of age or have the same familiarity with the English language than they do with the ideas of Proust or Kierkegaard – or Donald Duck for that matter.

I will brook no vulgarity (save mine) in the comments. If that doesn’t sit well with you, eat me.

I'm thinking you need a charm school review, yourself.

Comment Posted By T4TN On 1.10.2006 @ 00:51

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