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Any wonder why they’re considered a cult, childish, and not to be taken seriously.

I sure hope you're talking about Malkin and Co.

It's mightily deserved. Can one adult on the right just say "STOP" on all of it?

Comment Posted By T4TX_T4TN On 9.07.2006 @ 22:24

Just to be clear - I'm not dismissing a threat.
I'm denouncing a bizarre attempt to use this as a partisan weapon. It's self-centered, childish and doesn't say much for real concern over the issue.

Just act like adults. Please.

Comment Posted By T4TX_T4TN On 8.07.2006 @ 22:41

Ok, someone..please, PLEASE tell me this is a secret site run by "The Onion". I'm begging you.

Everyone on "the left" is supposed to know what's happening at "Protein Wisdom"? May I ask the obvious..since when do right-wingers do such things?

And Coulter only says that liberals should be hanged as traitors, laments that the NY Times wasn't bombed by McVeigh, pines for assassination for Clinton if impeachment doesn't work, "kids" about poisoning a Supreme Court justice...I don't even remember them all.

The Malkin-Powerline bunch just calmed down from acting like irresponsible madmen and women about a Times story on Cheney and Rumsfeld and you're all hyperventilating again? One RW blogger suggested his readers GO TO SCHOOLS (sorry, needed emphasis) of the NYT editors. Did you condemn that? Did Malkin condemn that or feed it? If not then this loony suggestion that one crazy person represents all liberals is pretty damn loathesome itself.

This woman should be dealt with through the law and it's despicable, of course. But don't expect the world to revolve around a guy who screams about slapping people with his dick, all the time. And maybe people don't read the comments since they're usually cheering the guy on.

Damn. Could you people grow up? Important things are gong on. Seriously.

Comment Posted By T4TX_T4TN On 8.07.2006 @ 22:36

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