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Great post but I still think we are in transition in the Middle East and Iraq is just one part of the puzzle. Therefore, yes we in the middle of a violent, dangerous time in Iraq but the endgame has not played out. Yes there have been errors, but quite honestly I fully expected these and also this is typical in any major conflict.

Let's look at the bigger picture. Iraq was all about establishing a strategic front by cutting off Syria from Iran, as well as surrounding Iran for the inevitable denouement in this war, which started in 1979. I still maintain it was a good move, the evidence being Iran's continual attempts to keep American forces focussed on internal Iraqi matters, and not them, since the invasion. The signs are OK - we have 160,000 combat experienced troops on Iran's eastern frontier; as well as assets and troops surrounding Iran. We are ready to move if needed.

Back to Iraq. The result of the war with Iran will determine the future of Iraqis. I'm a firm believer that once the mullahs are gone, much of the tension in the region, as well as Iraq specifically, will decrease. Within Iraq, Al-Sadr will lose his patron and his momentum. This will dramatically affect the violence between Shiites and Sunnis.

Comment Posted By TD On 20.08.2006 @ 13:57

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