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I thought about the same exact do his eyes not burn out of their sockets. He did say that ".. it won't effect my skin in such a short period of time...", but this is acid. Here Jack how about a little acid in the eye, or some lemon juice?

I felt gratified that my prediction on this site about the VPs dialogue was dead on. As I predicted here last week, VP says CTU is sealed up and hobbled...President says, we are working on it,...VP says perfect reason for us to call in the Military and clear the streets.

I also predicted that Barry the pony boy is acquanted if not in cahoots with robocop henderson. (Remember Henderson said 3 times, how he visted Jacks daughter. With a therapist surgically attached to her hip, they at least know each other. Is it possible that henderson looks for a car to carjack in the parking lot and conveniently finds barry and kim crawling into his Yugo.

Tony's demise was somewhat surprising, but as mentioned above does fit the homeric greek model. As Nancy Sherman remarks in the current best seller, "Stoic Warriors", A modern militray man must avoid vendetta motivated by personal rage much the same as achilles personal rage and disregard for the wishes of the gods, caused his immortality to be stripped away. Anger at social injustice, retribution on behalf of society or your brothers in arms, is the application of Justice (i.e. trying to cut out Cummings eyeballs) and is acceptable as long as it does not jeapordize the mission. Jack was counseling Tony in the moral wishes of the Gods, but he commited the sin of not abiding by the "Path of Jack", and now Henderson is free and Tony is dead. Tony dies for Hate, Lin for Pride, Edgar for ignorance, pride, lust (for know its true) or gluttony,....take your pick.

Yes, the darting glances on Jack while he held tony...very oedipal. Almost saying...What have I done to deserve to have all my friends around me killed and I must live.

Also , when Linn and the guard "apparently" died, they breathed in and as if to almost say...will the vapors find me virtuous or sinful? The guard says, I'm going to live...then chokes off. Then Linn asks himself if his act of heroism has redeemed him. Sorry Linn, check the latest body count. Off to Hobbit heaven.

Is it possible that his lighter dose might bring linn back in time to run off the homeland security takeover and truly redeem himself. Expect the VPs prediction that clearing the streets under martial law will restrict the movement of the here comes some decent open street car chases in LA. Robocop, Barry and Kim getting chased by Jack and maybe Curtis riding shotgun. JAck must ask a existentiel question do I continue to chase Kim or break off as Curtis wants me to so we can chase the UPS truck with the terrorists.

If I were curtis I would stay away from Jack for a few hours.

Comment Posted By TJ King On 14.03.2006 @ 15:23


The foreshadowing of Edgar's demise was as loud as a bullhorn. Two typical flags of impending axing are poorly acted chracters that don't participate in a primary thread (Kerrie) and a self conscious bumbler that makes unforgivable lapses of judgement on a primary thread that results in mass deaths (Edgar). When Kerrie tells Edgar about the building ventilation system being hacked, an area (Building schematics) that he is supposed to know even better than Chloe, he blows her off. Sin of all Sins, When he is told that HIS OWN Building has been infiltrated, it doesn't click with him that they are dealing with terrorists that use ventilation systems for centox. He may as well have said, "I know I usually quickly analyze building schematics and building security servers to quickly discover the slightest imperfection, but I'm going to go to the basement and find Kerrie who recently told me that our own ventilation system and potentiel nerve gas delivery system has just been hacked!". Why didn't he stop off at the cafeteria to grab a cheese steak on the way. Orthodox Hollywood action movie dogma says, that if you make a mistake like that, you die as a direct result of your own negligence and your friends must mourn your passing for exactly 15 seconds.

Question: How did Hobbit McGill get back in the building without a key card. Is there some kind of fire exit that the smokers have rigged so they can slip out in the alley without violating California's draconian anti tobacco laws.

Constitutional laws: The torture and arrest scenarios can be broken down into numerous momentum killing legal procedures, i.e. no miranda rights read, injections of Sodium penethol require court order for 4th amendment reasons. The hobbit can be relieved but under what grounds can he be detained ( I imagine they can argue that he has 72 hours to be charged before seeing a judge). The President can be charged with aiding and abetting murder as well as conspiracy by providing logistical information for murder one (premeditaed and lying in wait are "special circumstnaces" that would trigger the death penalty if he was the shooter, or in OJs case the stabber.)

Did anybody notice that the vent for the ventilation system appeared to be an exhaust vent to the outside world apparently to remove hot air from an overheated computer room. Maybe the hobbit could have kicked the 80 year old ventilation fan out and slip into the building through the vent.

Expect Tony and Henderson to have it out in the interrogation room and Jack to wriggle through the vents to come over to have a chat with them.

I have heard that Pony boy is expected to play a fairly well developed character, so don't expect him to get a wiff of gas. He can't die anytime soon. He will be Jack's Freudian antagonizer for several episodes, brainwashing Jacks beloved daughter to turn her against Jack. There will be lines like, "You are so wrapped up in your own life, Mr. Bauer, that you can't appreciate what a special person your own daughter is!!!" Then Jack will come unglued and try to cut out Pony boys eye sockets only to be restrained by Curtis and his daughter screaming to stop.

One plot twist we can expect to see unfold is, why does Henderson keep saying how he and Miriam visited Jacks Daughter so much. We can assume that Pony Boy and Henderson know each other now and may even be in cahoots. Henderson is not going to visit her on multiple occasions for no reason. Pony Boy was sent to build a psychological profile of Jack.

The aide to the first lady (Evelyn or whatever) spent a little too much time around Cummings (maybe to keep an eye on him), expect her to take it in the shorts soon. The post above that implies that Mike is a civil libertarian because he opposes martial law misses the point. Mike is calling on the first lady to yank the President by the short and curlies so he will "stand up" to the obviously unscrupulous VP. BTW, Didn't the current President "Appoint" this VP and who pulled his strings to do that, Cummings?


Mike: CTU is handling this, no martial law

VP: CTU is sealed up like a mayonaise jar. They can't protect anybody. Have the 82nd Airborne parachute into East LA, and load up on body armor.

Comment Posted By TJ King On 8.03.2006 @ 13:39


My wife watched some of the oscars, so i lowered my book to notice George Clooney remark, "We are a mirror of america, we are not just leading america"... and then turn around and say , "we are out of touch and proud of it". What?

He went on to say, Hollywood awarded pro civil rights movies before it was acceptable. How many? With the possible exception of the best actor award in 1963 to the white actor Gregory Peck for his excellent performance in "to kill a mockingbird", they did not overstep other great movies to "reward" a civil rights message movie (if you want to call it that) until 1968 with the mediocre "Guess whos coming to dinner" that beat out classic "The graduate". The same year MLK was assasinated. Thats not a leader, thats a late comer.

How about civil rights and affirmative action in Hollywood? How often do you see asian directors or actors up on that stage. Ang Lee's claim to fame was "Crouching Tiger, hidden Dragon", which 2000 Oscar MC Steve Martin joked, was a description of a Siegfried and Roy show. Yes, There have been funny MCs in the past. Ang Lee also made "The Hulk". So this asian director makes a movie like broke back mountain, and leapfrogs everyone and gets "Best Director". Message: Asians need not apply unless you kiss the ring. Does anyone expect to see Mr. Lee on that stage again?

The Left really wanted conservatives to attack "Brokeback mountain". All they got were yawns.
Others stated that it takes courage to make these "out of touch movies". You want to have courage and make a controversial movie? Make a movie about Jesus Christ.

You will not see many movies about our soldiers as the most dramatic and epic story of our times unfolds behind the media curtain that encourages shots of body bags, but censors images of courage, devotion and love that motivates them to sacrifice everything for the freedom from human bondage that threatens the whole world.

But, you can bet, as we speak, there are hundreds of Hollywood executives pitching there own version of Brokeback Baghdad battalion.

Oh Brother!!!

Comment Posted By TJ King On 6.03.2006 @ 16:37


It is a false statement by Bush administration officials when they say, "NO WMDs were found". It is a true statement if someone says ,"No 'massive stockpiles' of WMDs have been made public".

Duelfer admits that one third of the mustard gas armaments Saddam admitted to having, were later discovered. The Poles bought Biochems from insurgents, and a number of biological cultures and binary warheads were discovered. If you read Duelfer, Kay, and even Blix, for god's sake, you will find evidence of what Tariq Aziz described as a drive for delivery vehicles (missles) and a biochem program focused on rapid production of deadly materials in days NOT weeks.

I can't believe people can watch 24 and see enough nerve gas to destroy LA merging onto the 10 Freeway in a UPS truck and believe it, but not believe how easy it would have been for Aziz and Saddam to pull off the WMD evacuation.

The key component of Saddam's plan was knowing he would have a compliant media to back him up in the west.

Comment Posted By TJ King On 26.01.2006 @ 14:10


Black redneck hit the nail on the head. Almost without exception the Pat Buchannen gang that just kicked our president in the gut is expecting him to thank them for stabbing him in the back. He is not going to choose Luddig or Powell. If we John Paul Stevens keeled over tomorrow No one on Laura Ingrams short list has a chance in hell of getting nominated. Has it ever occured to you that the President might actually disagree with you? What ego!

Comment Posted By TJ King On 27.10.2005 @ 22:01


10 years ago, I would not have had the stomach to accept that Liberals are that narcissistic and pathological that they would feel excitement and glee in the midst of so much suffering. What has changed? Liberals have been tested several times and each time have come up short. Each time I have wanted to believe they have good hearts, but with regard to their solutions that they are just mistaken. Now I have come to realize, there is something very scary and dangerous about such a large segment of your population that will tolerate so much suffering on the backs of others in order to advance their political power. I am beginnining to comprehend how the Stalins of the world were able to sleep at night....They were sick. How many layers of the onion of this kind of sickness need to be peeled back before you find "Evil".

Comment Posted By TJ King On 10.09.2005 @ 11:22

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