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Being the contrarian that I am...

When it comes to national borders and the real estate enclosed therein, possession is 100% of ownership. The Chinese claimed Tibet and nobody with enough moxie threw them out. Case closed.

In any case, the Tibetan ruler in exile wants to reinstate a Buddhist theocracy. That would be a huge step backwards for Tibetans. Humanity has tried theocracy, look at the mess it causes elsewhere on the planet. In the long run the Tibetans will be better off under a secular government.

Comment Posted By TW On 12.04.2008 @ 10:45


I think there's been a shift in the tectonic plates deep under the ocean of the national psyche. The tsunami that that shift will unleash is likely to wash away the Democratic advantage in 2008. The cause of the tectonic shift? Greenspan admitting in the open what we've all suppressed these many years - the Iraq war is about economic stability and energy security.

It's going to take a while for voters to absorb and accept that the war is being waged for reasons mostly to do with simple national economic interests. A bit less laudable than spreading democracy, not as sexy as fighting terrorists. But once voters do internalize the real motivation for the war, the anti-war contingent will start to look very unappealing.

I predict that Republican candidates will seize on this shift and start asking questions like: Why shouldn't we maintain our standard of living? Why should our children face a diminished society? Why not buy some time with a dependable oil supply provided by (yet another) client state in the Middle East while we develop alternative energy sources?

There are no really good retorts. That tsunami is gathering power as we speak and I just hope the leftroots don't force the Democratic candidates into saying things that will crash over them later.

Comment Posted By TW On 19.09.2007 @ 12:22


Speaking of China, they took a look at the global energy market and embarked on a 20 year program to build a new nuke plant every two years. I'm actually in favor of staying in Iraq now that we've placed that bet. Nuke plants were our only other option and the politics against that is even worse than against staking our claim in the Middle East.

It's just a shame that our leadership can't just come out and say "Look folks, we've had a good run on cheap energy, but the only way we can maintain our standard of living is to get tough about protecting our energy sources. We had to justify this war by other reasoning in order to dance around some treaties we've signed. So stop complaining and know we're going to be there a while."

Comment Posted By TW On 14.09.2007 @ 13:32

I don't ubderstand why there's a collective blind spot toward the huge pink elephant sitting in the room. There's only one thing -everybody- is actually fighting over - trillions of dollars worth of oil. It's the only reason we are all interested in the outcome, and the only reason to prepare for a long term stay in Iraq. We've placed our energy bet and there's no way either party will fold this hand.

Comment Posted By TW On 14.09.2007 @ 11:09

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