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Well-said. This whole controversy is becoming an interesting lens through which to view all the major forces at work-- Islam, the MSM, the blogosphere, and Western concepts (which ought to be more than Western) of free speech.

Comment Posted By The Hedgehog On 4.02.2006 @ 10:57


Nice blog. It's amazing to me that I keep running into one great blog after another; the blogosphere is full of them.

Reading your brother's comments surprised me; my impression of ABC News is quite negative, and he does seem to be part of the ABC culture, but willing to acknowledge some deficiencies in the press. At the same time he seems to buy into some of the MSM party line, e.g., all presidents are pursued by the press in an equally negative way; the press should not have pursued the Clinton scandals the way they did because that distracted the country from "serious" issues; and conservatives can't stand any criticism of Bush and so their complaints of bias needn't be taken seriously. All of those propositions are quite debatable but Terry seems to accept them as true. Still, he was willing to recognize some serious bias in the MSM, and it's heartening to find even a semblance of fair-mindedness among that crowd.

Comment Posted By The Hedgehog On 18.05.2005 @ 23:52

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