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In short, the “Baker Solution” is a recipe for defeat and retreat. No amount of spin will change the fact that once we leave Iraq, the entire world will see that our enemies in Iran and Syria as well as al-Qaeda were successful in inflicting enough pain on the American people to cause our precipitous withdrawal.

You're the only person saying this. It is fine and dandy to mischaracterize the Dem position on Iraq like this, but shortsighted to do so with the Baker commission.

This isn't a matter of the insurgency having pushed us past our "cut and run" breaking point. It is a realization that the war was a mistake, is a mistake, was mishandled, is being mishandled and that it's time to lick our wounds and fold up shop.

If mature, wise and ideologically correct (i.e. Republican) analysts with authority recognize that the war is lost and advocate acting accordingly, why can't you accept what they are saying?

We've long since passed the point where wishful thinking a la GW will carry us forward into victory in Iraq. Sometimes good, powerful nations on the side of righteousness lose wars. Everyone knows that we've lost Iraq. The world isn't going to end just because we come around to acknowledging this ourselves and acting accordingly.

Comment Posted By The Liberal Avenger On 14.10.2006 @ 06:18

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