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" halts the momentum that was being generated by the fact that the 9/11 fantasists had the playing field pretty much to themselves."

So the government should spend our hard-earned money playing in that "playing field" as well, and you think that's a good way to spend time and money? A humorous diversion from the real war so the far-superior right-wingers can elbow, elbow, snicker, snicker amongst themselves? How is wasting time with paraoid conspiracy theorists helping your war effort, pray tell?

I don't believe in a paranoid, moonbat 9/11 conspiracy any more than I believe in a paranoid, moonbat terrorist behind every bush, but if the government wants to appear blameless, issuing a report on a study of itself is as ludicrous as a military investigating itself for war crimes. Conspiracy or not, it's a waste of money and lacks credibility. Just ask President Bush. He didn't want a 9/11 Commission, partly for that reason. Right?

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Comment Posted By The Lord On 3.09.2006 @ 12:18

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