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#4 First off I put the free market cures all ills arguments in the same category as I put religions, fantasy. The free market was never to be treated as a religion but as the best of all bad options. If a better option exists it should be used or you are getting stuck in a cult like mentality unable to react when the facts on the ground change.
From the viewpoint of many Americans the facts on the ground changed in the early 00's when prices were supposed to be going down stayed flat while wages for average workers took a nose dive.
Also Wal Mart grew huge under the Clinton administration and Hillary just so happened to be an ex-board member think Haliburton if you are wondering why I fail to be impressed with their prime growth years. IBM was built on the back of government funded innovation and contracts and Merck manufactures drugs that it charges more to US customers to help subsidize low costs in poorer nations (they are not alone this is done by all of the US drug companies that I know of)and is benefiting from that shiny new prescription drug bill. I agree that McD's has a good history but could you please avoid bringing up successful examples of the non-free market in your defense of the wonders of the free market it makes yuou sound insane.

Second calling me a liberal actually helps you in no way, it is merely meant as an insult that I am not insulted by which is one of the many reasons that the Republican party is getting its ass handed to it. It worked with Baby Boomers and a little with Gen X's but they have already made their political affiliation choices meanwhile the group this kind of insult repels or amuses is the exact demographic you are losing, those under 35 and the college educated.
Either way many approaches can be taken for health care reform that would allow the republican party to turn a corner but screaming "Free Market" will do nothing but cause laughter and possibly some mocking with anyone but the republican base. Accepting that maybe health care is something that for profit corporations may not be all that good at would be a lightning bolt that would make a large stir in the nation if it came from republicans. This is also true if they offered to meet half way and put a public plan in with the purposed legislation, in fact that could easily muddy the Democrats attempts to own the issue though if Obama signed the bill he would walk away a winner in the publics eyes as well. In short to someone that used to vote Republican and that would eventually like to again offering only "free market" solutions with nothing outside of the Republican comfort zone means that the Republicans deserve to stay exactly where they are as leadership and governance are about compromise and they do not understand the meaning of the word. The Democrats on the other hand are moderating and compromising between government and private industry options within there own party which does look pretty impressive.
Would you like to call me a commie as well??

Comment Posted By The Magical Sky Father On 20.05.2009 @ 13:57

Mix that with a public option and I think we have a winner and I say that as an Obama voter. I think if some Republicans could accept the public plan blended with this idea and some Dem's could accept it as long as it had a public option we would begin to move forward on this in a bipartisan way that would do a great deal to repair the image of the Republican party outside of its base. Another compromise toward a public option could be the creation of many non-profit health insurance options. Expecting a corporation to provide a service in your best interests at the lowest price AND expecting them to have a steadily rising stock price is not really realistic as they will have to choose one or the other. Currently they as all other companies are forced to worry more about quarterly earnings which is healthy in many industries but what about those that are supposed to care if we live or die?

Comment Posted By The Magical Sky Father On 20.05.2009 @ 11:18

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