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I listen to Beck's radio show whenever I can, and while it's true that he's "wargamed" revolution, he has been explicit with his callers who seem to advocate one that it's a very bad idea. He says that if we were to have another revolution in this country, it wouldn't be like our first revolution, it would be like the French Revolution, only on a larger scale.

He has consistently told his audience that an actual revolution (as opposed to the electoral variety) would be a VERY BAD THING.

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Then I sauntered over to Greenwald's place (it was also linked to off Wikipedia, apparently by his sock puppet) and left this comment:

"Although there is no formal definition for it"
Hmmm. That got me looking to see if there is: says:

chicken hawk
1. Any of various hawks that prey on or have the reputation of preying on chickens.
2. Vulgar Slang. A man who seeks out boys or young men as his sexual partners.

I wonder if the use of this particular pejorative against pro-war people might have been intended to imply that they're gay and possibly pedophiles to boot, under the assumption of a large intersection between pro-war and homophobe.

Let's see if that one's allowed to stand very long

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have. PIMF

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The Wikipedia entry has been fixed, and links to Jacoby's piece has been added.

It's on my watchlist, so if anyone messes with it, I can revert their vandalism.

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