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"Then there are the consensus builders like Obama. George Bush #41 and Jimmy Carter are recent examples there. All three men seemed to revel in listening to every possible permutation of policy and then guiding their advisors toward a decision they could all support."

I've never read this blog before, and you may be a so-called conservative, however your quote above shows that you lack the fundamental knowledge of what it takes to lead a nation as a President. By the time Obama, Bush #41 and Carter finally got to a decision "they could all support" it was watered down, late in coming, and for all three of them, usually weak. America needs strong leaders, capable of making their own decisions and setting a course for this country based upon their values and beliefs, not those decisions arrived at by appeasement to their subordinates.

Comment Posted By Thomas On 5.12.2009 @ 00:17


The "we can't win mentality" truly amazes me. I have seen sports teams make miraculous come-back wins. History is replete with instances of serious underdogs winning battles and even wars. And yet, the "we've lost" crowd seems perfectly to allow someone else to determine the outcome of this election, before the election has even taken place. We can debate the accuracy of the polls all day long. But the only polls that mean anything are the ones that will be open for voting on Nov. 4.

This is not a normal Presidential election, for a variety of reasons. In my own opinion, vote fraud is going to be the critical issue in this election. If the Democrat vote fraud can be stifled, then McCain/Palin win. Stay tuned.

Comment Posted By Thomas On 29.10.2008 @ 13:54


Seeing your response, I would have to venture to guess you live in some small town in the Midwest, Mountain West, or New England, (or maybe Deep South) relatively untouched by immigration. I live in a graduate apartment complex that is 70% foreign. Many of the students don't speak English. They all study physics, maths, etc. When they get their doctorates, almost all will stay here. They will continue to live in their own cubby-hole communities and ignore our existence. This is the reality, and part of the reason we are being torn across ethnic lines. Of course the greater harm is done by the cleaning staff and construction workers hired by the university for God-knows-if-even-legal wages.

Comment Posted By Thomas On 8.01.2008 @ 15:58


Wriggle 'round all you want about the emails... You haven't mentioned the IM's. Try to argue that *those* might be appropriate (there is not one person on this thread who has argued those IM's are appropriate. NOT ONE. Are you drunk? Or just incredibly stupid?). Dude, your boys just got busted for the same thing the Catholic leadership did: covering for a pedophile (Stupid, there is not one scintilla of evidence that what you just wrote is true). Deal with it. Admit it. Or at least stop your pathetic thrashing around. (I'll admit it when there's more than wishful thinking from a bunch of pathetic dunderheads.)

Comment Posted By Thomas On 1.10.2006 @ 01:57


Hey, if your panties are all in a wad over this, I suppose Ann Coulter's repeated "joking" references to killing Supreme Court justices and U.S. senators, and president Clinton is a problem too. Right? You're going to do an outraged post about her, right? Wanker.

Comment Posted By thomas On 1.09.2006 @ 06:56


'Aberrational behavior on the part of one loony lefty? Or symptomatic of an ideology that enables and indeed encourages its adherents to see political opponents as sub-human or retarded and thus, expendable?'

Wow, I can't believe nobody on the Left has tried to help you resolve this question. It's probably due to our systematic human aberrance, because you sound really really curious and open-minded.

Comment Posted By Thomas On 8.07.2006 @ 22:33

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