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G. Miller:

Let me politely point out that a recession is defined by a lack of economic growth over a defined period of time. It is not defined by unemployment numbers. Your argument therefore makes no sense as constructed. But have a nice day!

Thoughtful (and Polite) Liberal

Comment Posted By Thoughtful Liberal On 11.04.2008 @ 16:47


"And guess what Rick, 60 YEARS LATER, we’re still there, and in Germany, and in Italy, and in Holland and in Belgium and in the UK for gosh’s sake!"

Ahem. And WHY are we still there? To keep German, Italian, Dutch, and Belgian forces from killing each other? No. We are there to protect our friends in those countries from aggressive forces and to protect our interests(remember the Cold War?). If there were still hot wars going on in any of those places, do you think the U.S. citizens would allow our soldiers to be continually killed for 60 years? If you believe this, I can get you one hell of a deal on the Brooklyn Bridge.


"We can’t solve 1400 years worth of Ethnic, Religious, Tribe, Clan and other problems in Iraq, in Five years!"

Nor can we in 500 years. Islamic militants and the overall deep division between the Sunni and the Shia will never be placated by the actions of the U. S. military. Dale, you, like Rick, will eventually have to spit out the neo-con Kool-Aid that promotes any idea of "victory" in Iraq. It won't happen.

Comment Posted By Thoughtful Liberal On 2.04.2008 @ 15:39

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