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Are some people stupid, willfully naive or just plain assholes?

a- Couldn't you see how scared she was in that videotape?

b-That widely circulated photo of Jill Carroll in the abaya was a carefully orchestrated appeal to her captors, to Iraqis, to influential clerics, politicians, sheiks, etc in an effort to win her freedom.

In an effort to save her life.

(Barzan Daharagai (sp?) in recent LATimes shows the original uncropped photo and explains the campaign. Highly recommend the read)

c-I'd also recommend that people read Carroll's journalistic work, particularly the CSM stories that came out of her month-long embed which ended a week before she was kinapped. You can start with the letters of support she received from military commanders.

Comment Posted By Tilli (Mojave Desert) On 3.04.2006 @ 04:06

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