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I never really thought of the "Battling Blog" stories from both sides, but you make some great points.

The left seems VERY cautious about these Able Danger revelations, and the right bloggers (like me) are catching up with that, and are now fed up with Ms. Sheehan's story - she and her radical handlers have squandered any sympathy I once had for her - which was in some abundance.

As I put at the end of my own article on this, which I titled "Sheehan Squandering Sympathy, Family Angered"....

"Sheehan wants to ask the President "Why did you kill my son?" I have a better question for HER... "Why are YOU killing more of our young men and women by emboldening the Enemy?" Aljazeera is already eating this stuff up, and THAT is where I draw the line on my sympathy.

Comment Posted By Timmer White On 13.08.2005 @ 20:05

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