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I have a firm belief that people in an administration
are no better than their leader and I think their leaders
Cajones have fallen off...We are tap dancing around Iraq
"REO" that suck, we have 2500+ KIA and 11,000 WIA We
owe those folks big time,every one of us and the way
we are going is a bloody shame!!! As for Israel they
had to fight with a hand and a half tied behind their
back,shock and awe didn't work here eather!! Boots
and tanks on the ground is what works and why wait till
2 days before the truce to give the go ahead to invade
full force... the only thing that ive heard id if it
goes down LEBANON will be gone as we know it,a smoking
hole in the dand box...Back to Bush and our Generals
they could take this comment from General patton to heart
We're not just going to shoot the bastards, we're going to cut out their living guts and use them to grease the treads of our tanks. We're going to murder those lousy Hun bastards by the bushel.

Comment Posted By Tincan Sailor On 17.08.2006 @ 10:46


I put this post up on B-5 yesterday and it looks as though it
is needed here...I had a t-shirt back in 75 which stated "Vietnam
if you wern't there keep your mouth shut"...It was true then and
it is just a true today...And for you Hugh, a good friend of mine
spent last year at Gitmo and said it makes you sick as we do
everything but kiss the ass of those prisoners,the get their
special food, clean clothes along with their prayer rugs and
he said the press doesn't want to hear this, all they want is the
bad BS...

Comment Posted By Tincan Sailor On 30.05.2006 @ 09:42


Jack is one hell of a man BUT!!!!! I have never seen him eat
or take a leak, what gives...

Comment Posted By Tincan Sailor On 4.04.2006 @ 19:38

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