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"Only a fool would equate the treatmenr of McCain in VN to anything that has happened to the animals in our custody."

The US has quite literally tortured innocent men to death in custody. McCain was actually a combatant and he survived so you're quite right that it isn't comparable at all.

(Here's an example based on the Army's own records:

Comment Posted By Tom Ritchford On 7.12.2007 @ 11:29


I'm curious as to why Al Qaeda and Bin Laden are so unimportant to "the right"? The rest of us have not forgotten that he killed almost three thousand Americans and brought down the World Trade Center and has subsequently murdered hundreds of other people all over the world. I understand that your President Bush declared weeks after 9/11 that "I don't know where Bin Laden is and I don't care" but surely the Bali and London bombings proved that to be false?

It's clear to everyone else in the world except your increasingly small circle of blind Republicans that Bush completely forgot about Bin Laden in his rush to start a pointless trillion-dollar war based on lies. What we don't understand is how you believe you have any honor left, how you can look yourselves in the mirror while Bin Laden is still free to kill at will, then mock America over the airwaves.

Comment Posted By Tom Ritchford On 6.09.2006 @ 09:11

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